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At Vision Personal Training Crows Nest our friendly and motivated staff will help you reach your individual fitness or weight-loss goals - the fast, friendly and fun way! Vision Personal Training is unlike any other fitness studio - so come and experience the Vision Personal Training difference today!

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Dave Anderson

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Adele Watson

My Vision journey started with being a client of Vision Personal Training Crows Nest and undergoing my own transformation. Despite being active in my younger years the move to a new city combined with a heavier workload had led to the kg creeping on. Not only my Vision client experience result in loss of the excess kg, it has led to a thirst for knowledge about nutrition and fitness. When the opportunity came up to purchase the Crows Nest studio I jumped at the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of others in my local community. The team at Vision Personal Training Crows Nest are committed to transforming lives. Contact us today to start your own transformation with a free consultation.

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The importance of Goal Setting

Having a goal that means something to you will go a long way to keeping you movitated to change.

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Making your weight loss journey easier!

Your circle of influence can hinder or help you with your weight loss goal. Having your circle of influence backing you will make your weight loss journey so much easier!

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Fun ways to exercise

Unstructured exercise also counts towards your exercise targets!

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Eating Out

Who doesn't like to go out and enjoy a meal with friends? It is still possible to do this while you are on your weight loss journey. It all comes down to making smart choices.


Beat the 3pm Munchies

Mid afternoon is often a time people struggle to stay on track. The key to beating this is being prepared.


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