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I have always been told that you should find something you love to do and it will seem as though you have never worked a day in your life. This couldn't be more accurate for me, as the past 9 years as a Personal Trainer and business owner seem to have flown by without any "work" getting done! I absolutely love what I do, and having an amazing group of Trainers who are constantly striving for success is the perfect recipe for fantastic culture and energy! I feel blessed that my best friend and wife joined our team in 2012, bringing with her a career in the fitness industry that started in 2007, she is our in- house nutritionist who loves nothing more than good food, good training and being an amazing mum to our two beautiful girls Charlie and Matilda. Lauren's major passion is educating our team and members on the importance of eating well and exercise, and how to become the best version of "you"! My highlights so far as a Personal Trainer include finishing the New York Marathon in 2011, the Australian Ironman triathlon in 2012, having 110 clients at our local 7km Bay Run event in 2013. In terms of client results it has been an honour to see an individual result of over 60kg weight loss and a combined family weight loss over 90kg. My motto is "failure is a detour, not a dead end street", there is always a positive way to take any situation and decision you have made. I look forward to helping you with any health and fitness goals you may have, see you in the studio soon!

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