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Dean Williams

Dean Williams is highly respected throughout the Health and Fitness Industry and has won awards such as Australian National Personal Trainer of the Year 2011 and NSW Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Dean enjoys challenging himself, in both local and international sporting events and has competed in sports as diverse as Marathons and Half Ironmans to Body-building and Strongman competitions. He is currently training for the Auckland Half Marathon and National Body-building titles. He is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through simplifying healthy eating; and making exercise as time efficient as possible.

Article Posts

Are You Drinking Too Much Water?

How much water do we really need and why?

Weight Loss

Hot tips for running in Winter

Three top tips to ensure your motivation to run throughout Winter doesnt freeze!

Group Training

How strong is your Circle of Influence?

It is important to assess your circle of influence carefully and honestly - here is why!

Group Training

The Hierarchy Of Nutrition And Supplementation: Part 1 An Overview Of Nutritional Supplements

A trainer gives an overview of Nutritional Supplements and their potential benefits and pitfalls


Unlocking Results - Consistency is Key

Find your WHY - Health and fitness goals extend beyond aesthetics and numbers on a scale!

Personal Training

Eating out in Ponsonby ? 7 tips to stay on track and enjoy your meal

Here are some trainer tips on how to go out to eat out with friends and enjoy yourself, whilst still staying committed to your goals and on track for results!


Bride To Be? 3 Quick Steps to Weight loss!

3 Must Do's for Brides to Be

Weight Loss

How to Eat Out & Lose Weight - 6 top tips to stay on track!

Eating Out ? Enjoy the experience and your results! 6 of our top tips to keep on track!


Motivational Quotes to Boost Your Results!

Our trainers share inspiring quotes to remember when you need a push in the right direction!

Weight Loss

Run to results

A trainer reflects on the ways in which running has positively impacted their health, fitness and mindset

Personal Training

Why Im still overweight - 8 of the most common reasons

This article is going to focus on some of the main reasons people either gain weight or fail to reach their desired goal of achieving a better body shape.

Weight Loss

The benefits of Compound Exercises

What is a compound exercise and why should you include it in your weight training program

Personal Training

Why we do the things we do

What is your purpose? What is the driving force that motivates you to achieve your goals and the results you want?

Weight Loss

Stop and Stocktake - Are you actioning your intentions ?

What habits have we developed? Are they moving us towards our goals? Could we do more ? Are we doing too much? What could we do to improve tomorrow, today?

Personal Training

Making Changes: It’s the Small Things That Really Count

Here are a few things to consider when you are look to make positive changes

Weight Loss

Are you starving your body?

Under eating and over training is very common and it could be what's preventing you from achieving your results.

Weight Loss

Six Secrets to Gaining Muscle Fast - Part 2

In this article I will be expanding on the first 3 secrets to gaining muscle fast; if you have not read the article previously or you are in need of a refresher please click the following link

Personal Training

Vision's Ponsonby Road Eating Out Guide

We have eaten our way up & down Ponsonby Road, and can recommend the following menu items as good options to include in your nutrition plans when eating out.

Weight Loss

The 4 People you need in your circle of Influence

It can be extremely powerful to develop a strong network of people you around you who care about you and your goals – and that will keep you motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

Weight Loss

4 things to know about entering your first running event

4 things every beginner should know about entering a running event

Group Training

Why is Rest & Recovery so important?

How do we ensure that our rest is just as effective and efficient as our nutrition and training ?

Personal Training

Six Secrets to Gain Muscle fast ( Steps 1 -3) Written by Dean Williams

First 3 Secrets to Muscle Gain

Personal Training

How to Stay on Track While Travelling

Ways to ensure you can enjoy a holiday without negating your results!


The power of progress pictures - why you should snap a selfie for Weight Loss!

The rise of the “selfie” on social media has steadily gained momentum, and it doesn’t show any indication of slowing down! We are encouraging you to go with the flow – and join in!

Weight Loss

Staying in your comfort zone - Workout gear that supports you

Why it can be beneficial to invest in workout gear that not only looks good, but is functional!

Personal Training

Do I really need to eat Carbs??

An overview of the importance of Carbohydrates in a balanced nutrition plan


What Carbs are best?

What are the things we should consider when deciding what forms of carbohydrates to include within our meal plans?


How to be a Morning Person

You may never love mornings, but you will come to love the way it feels to start your day actioning the intentions you have for your health, fitness and wellbeing!

Personal Training

Keep it Simple - Set yourself up for long term success

Setting yourself up for long term success

Personal Training

Expectations - Set yourself up for long term Success

Let us take a new look at our habits and focus on enjoying life in conjunction with being healthy and achieving outstanding results at the same time.

Weight Loss

Are you Ready for Results

‘Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.’ - Michael Jordan

Weight Loss

How much is enough exercise?

Does less mean more when it comes to your exercise

Fitness for Men

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