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We guarantee your investment with this simple promise. Follow your program completely for your first 9 weeks and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed results, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you do. Some conditions apply.

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At Vision Personal Training St Ives our friendly and motivated staff will help you reach your individual fitness or weight-loss goals - the fast, friendly and fun way! Vision Personal Training is unlike any other fitness studio - so come and experience the Vision Personal Training difference today!

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Wendy Laurence

After over 12 years in the Navy, Wendy Laurence made the successful transition into owning her first Vision Personal Training Studio in St Ives. Wendy’s Vision journey started by doing a goals session at another Vision Studio, the nutritional guidance was key. So impressed with the transformation, you could say she bought the business. It was a perfect match - having a passion for exercise and wanting to run her own business. St Ives has now been operating for almost 9 years and continues to transform people’s lives. Vision St Ives has a strong sense of community with many long term Clients. Wendy is most proud of the fact that many Clients entrust not only their own personal training but also their extended families training. It is such a pleasure to see the journey that our members take and the positive impact that weight loss and fitness can have. Two years after Vision St Ives, Wendy and her husband opened Vision Personal Training Wahroonga. Both Wahroonga and St Ives are strong supporters of many local running events. Wendy believes that making cardiovascular exercise and weight training a part of your weekly routine only enhances every other part of your life. Fit for family, fit for business, fit for school and fit for retirement is why Wendy and her amazing team of Vision Trainers are so passionate about training all age groups in a safe and friendly environment!

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