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Jo Hurst

Jo started as a client with Vision Personal Training Caringbah over in 2004. As a busy mum of two and a full time teacher she definitely made the most of her new found energy and lifestyle. Loving the Vision System so much she decided to leave her career and embark on a new challenge of helping people transform their lives and build community. Jo opened Vision Stanmore in January 2009 and received the Rising Star award for the year. She then opened Vision Sylvania and had similar success in 2011. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her passion to help people achieve their goals is evident in all she does.

Article Posts

Pregnancy Possibilities

We have helped many women throughout their pregnancy from pre conception right through to the birth and then post natal training as well. Here are our quick tips to help you clear the foggy baby brain

Weight Loss

5 top tips from YOU

In 10 years of Personal Training I have gained so much joy and satisfaction helping my clients transform their lives. Each time I ask the clients what are their top tips for success and I’m happy to share them with you.

Weight Loss



Weight Loss


Running season is here - these tips will see you through from beginner to pro athlete.

Weight Loss

Top 5 Tips to assure that you achieve your results!

Sometimes your Personal Trainer may sound like a broken record (e.g. track your food; track your exercise, etc.) But believe it or not, the advice they’re giving you isn’t to inconvenience you (although it may feel that way); the advice is given with the intention to help, not hurt.

Weight Loss

Sugar Fix

Brown sugar, white sugar, raw sugar, icing sugar, castor sugar and even coconut sugar are just a few of the varieties you will find on the supermarket shelves today. Along with that we have rice syrup, golden syrup, molasses, malt, glucose and maple syrup. Don’t be fooled by their description they are essentially the same thing

Weight Loss

Rest Up

5 reasons why a Rest Day will help you achieve your goals in the long term.

Weight Loss

You are Surrounded

If you look closely you are probably surrounded by inspiring role models on many levels. Who are the people that inspire you and why?

Personal Training


Have you ever been stuck? Lost your motivation or just in a funk? What causes it and how can you get through it? By FLIPPING a few things in your life you can empower yourself to get away from a FLOP.

Weight Loss

Vegie Variety

Need some inspiration for getting those 5 serves a day into your diet. Here are our top tips to add some variety into your day

Weight Loss

Are you a Dreamer or a Doer?

Do you suffer from procrastination? Find it hard to gain momentum? Here are our top tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Weight Loss

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

This is one of my favourite questions. It allows me to reflect on the wonderful accomplishments I have achieved over my lifetime.

Weight Loss

Happy Holidays

Everyone loves a holiday and with these tips you will be on your way feeling fit, healthy and ready for a great trip.

Weight Loss

Top 10 Tips for Resistance Training

What are the important tips for making progress with your resistance training? Use these tried and tested tips from the trainers at Vision Stanmore

Personal Training

It's never too late to get ACTIVE

Retirement looms so now is the time to get your affairs in order. Many of us look at our financial projections, holidays and time spent with family as the lifestyle goals to focus on but honestly have you looked at yourself and how you will complete your bucket list if you can’t climb out of the tour bus or walk The Inca Trail?

Weight Loss

Training For Wellness

We are increasingly finding clients who just want to train for wellness. Many people will train to lose weight, gain strength and increase fitness however for some people just want to train to feel well. What does this mean and how do we do it differently at Vision Personal Training?

Weight Loss


6 things you can do right now to keep you calm, motivated and focussed for the rest of the day

Weight Loss


If you have ever considered doing the KOKODA TRACK book it now and get training. This is a brief summary of our 8 day adventure with GETAWAY TREKKING. An amazing time with the team we went away with and the porters who helped us every step of the way.

Personal Training

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Clients often ask me what tips and hints there are on the way to a healthy active lifestyle. These are my top 10 when it comes to nutrition guidance.

Weight Loss


Many people have asked why am I doing Kokoda and I don’t really have an inspiring answer – I didn’t have a grandfather who was there, it wasn’t on my bucket list, it’s not been something I’ve strived to do for many years and I don’t know too many people who have tackled it and provided me with unwavering commitment. So my answer is “It sounded like a good idea at the time”, a few clients put their hand up to do it and I’m a big believer in why not?

Weight Loss


A massive part of Vision Personal Training is our commitment to building community. This is something we are truly proud of and we work tirelessly to serve not only our client community but the local community that surrounds us.

Weight Loss

Time to change

Sometimes change is hard.

Weight Loss


At Vision Personal Training we have an amazing interactive client portal that assists our clients to maintain their motivation 24/7. It’s not just a food diary but a complete resource that encompasses our 4 E’s –Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise. This holistic approach is also available to any client worldwide. It enables you to create your own exercise and eating program and keep yourself accountable.

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