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Ryan Bartlett

Ryan has worked passionately in the health and fitness industry for over 4 years, commencing his journey with Vision as a Client. After seeing the transformation achieved by his father through Vision Personal Training, he too wanted a lifestyle change. He was so inspired by his own results and other Clients around him, he decided to take the steps and begin a career in Health and Fitness. Becoming an expert in weight loss, fitness training and nutrition, Ryan has earned recognition in the community for helping clients achieve long-lasting health and weight loss results. His key focus is to create a positive and un-intimidating Studio environment where all clients can feel welcome, confident and motivated. Through an emphasis on educating people about the right nutrition and training, specific to their life circumstances and health priorities, he has been helping the community transform their lives, achieving things they themselves never believed possible. Ryan’s personal commitment to his team, his clients, and his community ensures that the environment at Vision Personal Training Surrey Hills is one where every individual is cared for and treated as part of the Vision family.

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The Cure For Sore Muscles... That Really Work!

Have you considered the role that recovery plays in achieving and maintaining your ideal body shape? Find out how you body needs a service, just like your car!

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Cardio Training - Everything You Need to Know

We all know that we’re supposed to do cardio. We know it helps burn fat and increase our cardiovascular health. But how well do you understand the importance and fundamentals of cardiovascular exercise?

Weight Loss

Tips For Healthy Grocery Shopping

For many of us, shopping for groceries is nothing but stress. Deciding what and how much to buy can be overwhelming and downright frustrating. Find out how we make it simple for everyone.

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The "Big Change"

Just hearing the word “menopause” can cause many women to recoil in fear. However, the truth about menopause is that it’s a natural transition in any woman’s life, and doesn’t have to result in suffering. Find out how, with the right support and guidance, you can embrace this normal transition into a new potentially more rewarding stage of life.

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The Real Reason we need Health and Fitness Professionals

Losing weight and creating a better life is about much more than knowing how many calories you need, which foods to avoid, or how much cardio you should do. It’s about facing and conquering barriers head-on. It’s about learning from some adversities and getting back on your feet. It’s about creating healthy lifelong habits around eating and exercise. And it is all nearly impossible to do alone.

Personal Training

Fats, Good or Bad?

Are you confused about Fats and how they affect our health? Find out how they can HELP you live longer.


Do you know what's really making you fat?

Our access to information regarding ‘how to lose weight’ and ‘making healthier food choices’ has never been more prevalent. We are also in a time where we have never had so many exercising options, fitness facilities or health professionals available to us. But, with all this information and access to help why are we getting unhealthier as a nation?

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Are you toning up?

Everyone has an idea in their head when it comes to looking their fittest and healthiest. People think to get toned all they need to do is very high reps and a little resistance. Learn why this is wrong!

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The Scale - Friend or Foe?

When trying to transform your body, the scale can be a tool to help track progress. It can also lead to self destruction. Find out the warning signs before its too late.

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Top tips when eating out

If you are looking to transform your unhealthy eating habits it doesn't mean you have to stop going out and socialising. You can still have a life, go and eat out with friends and family, while still sticking to your eating plan. You just have to become educated with your food, be smart and be prepared.


The Power of Positivity

Are you in charge of how you feel? Find out how the way you think determines the outcomes you don't achieve.

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A Dieting Disaster

Do you know the truth about what you being sold? Find out what it actually takes to have real long term success

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Self Discipline - The biggest lie ever told

There is a pervasive idea that the success person is the "disciplined person" who leads the "disciplined Life". Its time to uncover the truth.

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Letting Lose this Festive Season?

Can Alcohol impact my desired health and fitness goals?

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