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Kiril Chevel

In 2005, Kiril entered the fitness industry through his first training session in a gym. Following the path of fitness he then completed the recommended studies to becoming a Personal Trainer and focused on learning everything there is to know about health and fitness. Kiril competed as an amateur boxer with his path leading to natural bodybuilding, along this journey he managed to excel his knowledge in nutrition and training through various mentors and through personal experiences. In 2008 Kiril became a personal trainer for Vision Personal Training North Sydney where he further excelled his knowledge with a diverse range of clientele from weight loss through to rehabilitation, completing on average 50-60 hrs per week of personal training. In 2009 he became the Manager of Vision Personal Training North Sydney. 2010 was dedicated to becoming a Vision Franchise owner and successfully running a Vision Studio with a fantastic team. He has now expanded and is also director of Vision Personal Training Wollongong.

Chris Foy

Chris is the Co-Director of Vision Personal Training Wollongong and North Sydney. He has been involved in the fitness industry for the since 2010, starting off as a Personal Trainer and working his way up to becoming Franchise Owner. In his time at Vision, Chris has helped transformed the lives of countless clients by helping them change not only their eating and exercise habits but also the way they think about their health. Chris comes from a martial arts background primarily Muay Thai and has more recently competed in a natural bodybuilding competition, placing second in his weight class. Chris found that the discipline and nutritional knowledge that he gained from competing in bodybuilding was incredibly beneficial and he passes that on to both his clients and his team of trainers. Chris and his business partner Kiril pride themselves on nurturing a positive and fun team culture within the studio and love to see their team of trainers grow and develop on a weekly basis.

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My name is Rachel Macedo , I am a mother of 3, wife and owner of 2 businesses. Before joining Vision PT 3 years ago I always thought I was a healthy eater who trained regularly 3 times a week at another gym. Oh boy ! was I wrong ... So then began my journey at Vision Personal Training.

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