Vision’s famous 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge

We have been running our famous Weight Loss Challenges on average twice per year since 1999. As a result we have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. If you want to lose weight and change your shape fast, get started at one of our studios today.

What is the 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge?

When you take the Vision Personal Training 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge, you gain access to a powerful combination of personal training, nutritional advice and the incredible support of your studio's whole Vision Personal Training team.

This produces amazing bodily transformations - so incredible that many of our 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge winners have featured in magazines everywhere.

Tish Browning

Lost 17.7kg in 9 weeks (21% total body weight)*

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

Prizes to Win

As part of our official 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge, there are amazing prizes up for grabs. Prizes for overall national male and national female winners as well as lots of prizes from your local Studio.

Anyone can win - yes, even you - because the Challenge is based on the relative change in your body shape and the obstacles you had to overcome to commit to the 9 weeks, not just on kilograms and centimetres lost.

You can compete for prizes in your local Studio or across our entire network. But remember, the ultimate competition is with yourself - and the ultimate prize is your personal transformation!

So come on, take the Challenge! With the incredible support of your Vision Trainers, a new you could be only 9 weeks away. Like our facebook page for more details about our next Weight Loss Challenge.

Last challenge's Winner received a trip to Hawaii

Assured Results

Join thousands of other people who have successfully achieved their weight loss and fitness goals at Vision Personal Training.

We assure your investment with this simple promise. Follow your program completely for your first 9 weeks and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed results, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you do.

Assured Results