Our aim is to transform people’s lives through education, motivation and inspiration

Vision Personal Training was started by leading fitness experts who knew how difficult it was to provide truly personal service at a large commercial gym. Our first studio opened in Caringbah, Sydney in 2001. In 2004 the company franchised its first Vision Personal Training studio and has since grown into the largest Australian owned franchised network of Personal Training studios with 53 locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Auckland, New Zealand. In 2010, Vision Personal Training was awarded with "Fitness Australia's Personal Training Business of the Year".

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Our Team, Our Goals

The Vision Personal Training network is made up of passionate franchise owners who are some of Australia's leading experts in fitness, health and weight loss. They are 100% committed to helping you achieve real results. They do this by providing you with a small, friendly environment, where personal attention and your results are our key focus. Our commitment is to make a positive health and fitness impact on the lives of the Australian people and turn back the tide on epidemic levels of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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Our Vision Experience Program System to Transform Your Life

Our clients achieve remarkable transformations of weight loss, increased confidence, rehabilitation, health improvements, improved fitness and happiness through our Vision Experience Program which all clients have access to. The components compromise of:


At Vision we know that your emotions, moods and feelings can dictate your health and fitness results so we help ensure that you are ready to make a change with:
  • Our online readiness questionnaires via our Vision Virtual Training online site.
  • “Ready, Set, Go: 3 steps to better health” book to ensure you are ready to achieve amazing results
  • Regular goal setting sessions with your Trainer
  • Online SOS support videos
  • Access to some truly amazing client success stories to help motivate you through your own journey


Vision offers one of the most comprehensive eating programs on the planet to help you know exactly what to eat and educate you for the long term. The tools to help you include:
  • Regular shopping tours to the local supermarket will educate you on food labels, ingredients and what foods will help you achieve your goals. Available for clients and non-clients, book your spot today at a studio close to you
  • Education seminars are held at the studios on various topics including nutrition, weight loss, health and fitness. Available for clients and non- clients, contact your closest studio to book your complimentary seat.
  • Online support system with videos, cooking demonstrations and other resources within vision virtual training


Vision offers one of the most comprehensive eating programs on the planet to help you know exactly what to eat and educate you for the long term. The tools to help you include:
  • Your personal daily macronutrient requirements based on your goals, body composition, body type and lifestyle
  • Food diary
  • Online food diary
  • Online menus and recipes
  • Online meal plans
  • Library of nutrition information
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To achieve your goals you will need to exercise. Your Trainer will be there every step of the way to motivate, educate and inspire you through the session to ensure you are exercising safely and comfortably as well as reaching your short term benchmarks to achieve your long term goals. The exercise sessions you can participate in include:
  • One on one Sessions with your Trainer. Each session is tracked so the Trainers know the exact progress of your fitness and strength. You can even access all sessions done online too.
  • Weekly Group Training Sessions
  • Studio access which enables you to workout in your own time.
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Vision Personal Trainers are Certified

Recognised as among the country's leading trainers, every Vision Personal Trainer holds internationally recognised certifications, is insured, and is constantly mentored to remain at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. In fact when trainers first begin with Vision Personal Training they need to undertake the Vision 9 Week Mentor Program to ensure they are in a position to provide the best service and knowledge to help you reach your goals. They then go on to participate in an ongoing development training program to consistently update their skills.

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