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How stretching can help you achieve your results

Top 6 benefits of stretching

26/08/2018 5:48:09 AM

Six tips for a great Mini Mos

The 2015 Mini Mos is not far away. I first ran it as a young boy, initially the 2km, before stepping up the 10km for the first time when I was 10. Having done it numerous times since, my tips are

15/06/2015 3:31:35 PM

The Key to that Bikini Body is Weight Training

6 Facts that explain why women should not miss their weight training!

15/06/2015 3:31:16 PM

Why Women Need to Weight Train

Women are often looking for that fountain of youth or the best and most effective way to lose weight and “tone up” and more often than not will embark on a health and fitness plan with an excessive amount of lettuce and cardio exercise to help them get there and they often over look weights training because they “don’t want to get big” or “bulk up”.

15/06/2015 3:30:39 PM

Art of transformations - Part 1 - Mindset

Psychology of Change

1/03/2016 1:09:42 PM