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Tuesday, 24 March 2015, By Lisa Gilderoy


A recent study tested running only, strength only, running followed by strength and strength followed by running.  The verdict, running followed by strength and strength training on its own burned more calories for two hours after the workout than any of the others.  Ever wondered why your Trainer encourages you to do some light cardio before you start your strength you know!  An added bonus is that your muscles will be nice and warm ready for your weights session.


Plyometrics is explosive exercises such as jumping and hopping, which gets the heartrate up quickly, which in turn equals a higher rate of calories burned.  Try box jumps, squat jumps, jumping lunges, or forward bounds as part of your workout.


Most cardio exercises use the lower body.  Try including more upper body, such as pumping your arms harder when running or grabbing the handles on the xtrainer and using your upper body to push and pull throughout the exercise.  Even try including more of the rower in your cardio routine to use more muscles in the body.  The more muscles you move, the more calories you burn!


Its time to up the intensity!  The difference between you training on your own and training with a Trainer, is that the difference between training hard and training outside of your comfort zone.  A Trainer will help you to push yourself to limits you would not have pushed yourself.  Exercises to increase the intensity can include things such as hill sprints, higher levels on the machines, moving between exercises quickly without rest.  Pushing out of your everyday comfort zone is what burns the calories fast!


By varying intensity through different levels, you can actually improve your fitness, which in turn will burn more calories.  A bonus on intervals..time goes faster! Try high/fast levels of exercise, followed by short rests.

Lisa Gilderoy

GM Vision Personal Training Lindfield

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