Tailored Nutrition Plans To Suit Your Lifestyle

Here at Vision Personal Training, we do it the right way. Our job as Personal Trainers is to help you lose fat in a healthy way that is easy to achieve and, more importantly, easy to maintain.

As part of your journey to self-transformation, your Trainer will design you an individual Nutrition Plan. Your individually tailored plan will be based on your goals, fat free mass, activity level and body type. You need to understand your daily macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) and develop the right nutrition plan for long-term weight loss, and your individual nutrition plan lays it all out on a plate.

 Nutrition Plans

Easy To Use Online Food Diary

The timing and types of foods that you eat play a vital role in your ability to improve your body shape. For example, eating carbohydrates immediately after exercise will prevent fat burning. Available to you on your PC, Ipad, Iphone and Apps, via our Vision Virtual Training site, your easy to use food diary will help you meet your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake goals. Keep a food diary and regularly review it with your trainer.

Easy To Use Online Food Diary

A Wide Varity Of Food Options And Recipes

Not only is nutrition the key to achieving your goals, good tasting food also helps keeps you motivated. At Vision, we advise that you eat 5-6 small meals per day. Our recipe bank is full of easy to cook, delicious tasting meals that will keep your stomach full, and your body happy. You can also consult your Trainer for good meal suggestions, or go to our recipes page or access Vision Virtual Training site for more information.

Food Options And Recipes

Studio Seminars

As a client of Vision Personal Training, you'll be able to attend one of many in studio seminars. They include:
  • Eat yourself Thin
  • Exercising for Fat Loss
  • Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Are you Ready for results?
vision shopping tour

Shopping Tours

Regular Shopping Tours to the local supermarket will educate you on food labels, ingredients and what foods will help you achieve your goals. Available for clients and non-clients, book your spot today at a studio close to you.
Available for clients and non clients.