Seminars & Shopping Tours

Studio Seminars

At Vision Personal Training, we conduct regular Seminars at all of our Studios to help educate you on eating and exercise as well as your emotions. We believe in a holistic approach to helping you transform your body quickly and then maintain your results long term and education is the key. We offer a range of Seminars and encourage all of our Clients to attend each Seminar. They include:

  • Eat yourself Thin
  • Exercising for Fat Loss
  • Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Are you Ready for results?
  • Corporate Health

We encourage all Vision Personal Training Clients to come along to our Seminars and bring a family member or friend along for support and also to help educate them on the importance of healthy eating and exercise. When we are supported in our choices and the things that we do, especially undertaking a new healthy eating and exercise program, our chances of success are much greater. Book your place in a Studio Seminar today and kick start your results.

Shopping Tours

Regular shopping tours to the local supermarket will educate you on food labels, ingredients and what foods will help you achieve your goals. Available for clients and non clients.

The 60 minute Shopping Tour highlights specific foods that will help you reach their macronutrient goals and your desired body. Whilst everyone has different eating habits, we focus on some common principles that will fast track your results and help you to maintain your weight long term.

During the Shopping Tour, we will help you to understand food labels and become familiar with food composition. This, in combination with macronutrient guidelines and the knowledge as to when certain foods should be eaten (during the day and surrounding exercise), will give you the ability to control your eating habits.

Whilst we do not expect you to know what is in every food item, the more you know the greater chance you have to succeed in the long term. We also understand that new products enter the market on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand how to read food labels, so that when new foods appear on the shelves, they can be easily read and analysed.

You will receive a Shopping Tour Guide to follow during the Tour and we fill you in on some little secrets, so you never have to be confused about you food choices again. Book a Shopping Tour today at your local Studio.