Weight Loss Articles

At Vision Personal Training, we believe in empowering people to create long-term lifestyle changes. The education process is key to ensuring that this occurs.

For a wide range of relevant, inspiring and highly informative articles on Food & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Motivation & Support, and all the key basics of weight loss and fitness.

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Studio Seminars

As a client of Vision Personal Training, you'll be able to attend one of many in studio seminars. They include:
  • Eat yourself Thin
  • Exercising for Fat Loss
  • Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Are you Ready for results?

Shopping Tours

Regular Shopping Tours to the local supermarket will educate you on food labels, ingredients and what foods will help you achieve your goals. Available for clients and non-clients, book your spot today at a studio close to you.
Available for clients and non clients.