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After more than 25 years in the fitness business, the Franchisor has developed their systems to provide a business opportunity that can truly provide the Franchisee with freedom, personal growth and life balance. Vision provides opportunities for Franchisees to contribute to the evolution of their businesses and the Franchise system as a whole. See below for just a few of our success stories:

Alexandra and Tom Anasson, Hawthorn, VIC

"Having met as trainers in a Vision studio and subsequently getting married and owning a Vision Personal Training Studio has helped us achieve so many life goals-both personal and professional-all under the age of 30! As we personally progressed through the entire Vision Career Path, we have experienced first-hand the rewards of being a personal trainer in our company and are excited every day to help other young people progress their careers and realise their dreams. Vision has helped to us to gain an invaluable business education and afforded us a lifestyle that allows to live to our personal values and ethos. We have been really fortunate along the way to also be mentored by some of the fitness industry’s best and that has resulted in our business being recognised through a number of awards including, Fitness Australia’s Gold Quality Award and Alexandra was recently named a Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year Award Finalist."

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Chris and Alicia Jovcevski, Bangor and Engadine, NSW

For almost a decade, Chris Jovceski has been transforming the lives of both his clients and personal trainers across his three South Sydney Vision Personal Training studios in Bangor, Engadine and Sylvania.

Before starting with Vision, Chris had a blossoming career in the corporate world. However when the opportunity to enter the health and fitness industry arose, Chris lept at the chance to do what he had always wanted; inspire people to make a positive change.

“When looking to make the transition from the corporate to fitness industry, I was drawn to Vision as the company’s core values consisted of empowering all who step foot inside a studio; whether it be a client, personal trainer or studio owner,” said Chris.

Just 12 months into his role as a personal trainer, Chris made the leap and became the studio owner at Bangor. Although a first-time franchise owner, Chris was confident taking on the ownership responsibility.

“With my strong business background and the supportive processes and solid structure Vision provides and abides by, I knew I had all the tools and resources I needed to be successful.”

Building career paths for staff
Chris embodies the Vision difference by putting his clients first; a trait which inspired two of his personal trainers to undertake the career change and become part owners in his business.

“Inspiring PTs to business owners is not a hard sell. They get an authentic glimpse into my life, and know that if they ever want to make the change, I’ll be here to support them along that journey.”

“Nine months into investing in my second studio in Engadine, I brought in one of the personal trainers from Bangor to run the studio and he eventually bought into the studio.

“Similarly, the manager of Bangor made the transition to franchisee by buying into our third studio in Sylvania.

Chris supports and encourages his trainers to build long-term careers. “Knowing how to invest in a business and financial planning is usually an area PTs need upskilling in,” he says. Which is why Chris educates his team and provides ongoing opportunities to take their careers to the next level.

“Witnessing the success of my colleagues who started out as my personal trainers is the most rewarding part. Seeing them flourish in their careers and live a fulfilled life keeps me going,” Chris said.

The Vision difference
Chris says his favourite part about being involved in Vision is being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

“Quite often in the business world you climb to the top and there’s no one to celebrate your success with. At Vision, there’s an entire network of franchisees and HQ support to celebrate with.

“At Vision I have found my people. I have all these values, I bring people through their careers and help them live great lives; and the best thing is people with aligning values are attracted to the company,” said Chris.

Chris has the following advice for those looking to improve their lifestyle.
1. The first and most important thing is to be honest with yourself. Once you’re honest with your own habits and decisions then you can take accountability and change. If you continually blame outside sources for your current situation, you can’t change, move forward or get better.
2. The second step is to consciously be present in each session. Get focused and know that you’re make time for yourself.
3. The third tip is food! Be conscious of what you’re eating, because you can’t out-train a bad diet.

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James Drury, Bondi Junction, NSW

"Owning a Vision Personal Training Franchise has allowed me to pursue three of my greatest passions: helping clients achieve life-changing results, providing careers for trainers and growing a very successful business. The Vision system helps me grow my people into running the Franchise and thereby leveraging my time. It's a great feeling to see our trainers, clients and business simultaneously achieving their goals."

James joined Vision Personal Training in 2008 after being attracted to the supportive team environment in Vision studios. James has progressed from a Personal Trainer to Studio Manager and, in 2011, became Franchise Owner of the Bondi Junction studio. James believes in creating a friendly environment where trainers and members can achieve their goals.

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Andrew Simmons (B.Sp.Sc) is the founder and Managing Director of Vision Personal Training. He is highly respected in the Health and Fitness Industry, being inducted into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour in 2013. In 2014 he was also made a "Paul Harris Fellow" by Rotary International for his work in the community... Read more