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Daniella Calci

Daniella Calci has been in the Fitness Industry since 2009 and prior to that worked as a qualified Dietician at the Royal Mater Hospital, Sydney. Being a qualified Dietician and Les Mills Group Training Instructor, Dani has always been focussed on her personal health and has overcome many challenges. In doing so, the logical step was to make a career change to a more personalised approach to health and fitness and as a result, has never been happier! Dani's journey with Vision Personal Training began as a Client and she was so inspired by her own results and also the results of the other Clients around her she decided to join the Company as a Trainer. Since becoming a Personal Trainer with Vision Personal Training, Dani has helped countless people achieve their goals, run multiple marathons, including the New York Marathon and has been competitive in age group short course triathlon. The most fulfilling moment in Dani's career so far has been helping a Client shift in excess of 25kg’s, run a half marathon and overcome massive emotional self-doubt. Dani finds satisfaction in seeing the development and growth of not only her Team, but also playing a significant role in Client personal achievement and happiness. Dani is wholly focussed on sharing her continued educational, physical and business growth with both peers and Clients alike. Dani has her sights set on playing a significant role in combatting community health and fitness challenges and enhancing the opportunities for both Clients and employees through the Vision Network.

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