Alicia Jovcevski

30kg weight loss, 2 half marathons post baby and now Vision Studio Owner*




For as long as I can remember from my early-teenage years I was quite overweight and unhappy, being 89kgs at my heaviest. I still have vivid memories in my younger years of dreading going on family ski-trips as I had to be weighed for hiring our ski gear! And I still remember sitting on the beach in full length clothes trying to cover up while all my friends swam in bikinis.

When I walked through the Vision doors 6 years ago at age 25 I had no idea just how much Vision Personal Training would completely change my life. Forever.

At that time I was recovering from a broken elbow so could do very limited weights & cardio so my initial plan with Vision was focusing on my food for results, which saw me shed the first 13kgs in just 3 months!

Once I had recovered from injury, this gave me the motivation I needed to lose the weight that had pained me for most of my adolescent years. I then started to take part in weight loss challenges and even competed in some short distance fun run events like the Sutherland 2 Surf, Blackmores Bridge Run, Menai Fun Run, Oatley Fun Run, things I thought I could never do that then took my weight loss total to another 17kgs.

Over 3 years of maintaining & enjoying my new healthy weight,  once I started to become more confident in myself, I then focused on weights training for toning & sculpting while pursuing my goal of wanting to fall pregnant with our first child.
Due to me having a fear of going back to who I used to be, I was worried about putting the weight back on during pregnancy & so I was determined to set a goal to enjoy my pregnancy while keeping the weight to a healthy gain & remaining active, fit & strong. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I gained a very small 10kgs and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was also very happy and healthy.

After baby, I had a 6-week recovery and through simple and easy changes to my diet I was able to get back to my pre-baby weight in a short 8 weeks, post emergency caesarean.
Since then I have achieved far more than I ever dreamt of with my health and fitness, now being the leanest, lightest & strongest that I have ever been in my life!!

Once my body felt like it was somewhat back to the way it used to feel after having a baby, I then decided I wanted to set myself a different goal that I thought was far beyond my reach - a half marathon.
For me, it wasn't about weight loss anymore, but about becoming a better version of myself, attaining that sense of achievement & becoming a role model to our daughter.
This was no easy feat, months of arduous training pushed me far beyond my limits (both mentally and physically) but I actually enjoyed the huge change in training, that feeling of accomplishment and ran the Melbourne Half Marathon in 2016. From that moment on I was hooked!
I loved that so much that I set another goal to do another half marathon at a much faster pace and successfully ran the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July 2017.

The person I used to be does not even remotely resemble who I see in the mirror now and if I could say anything to my younger self it would be why did you wait so long to do something?!

It has been 6 years now, 35kgs down, a baby girl, 2 half marathons post-baby & I now proudly stand beside my husband and together we own 3 Vision Studios in the Sutherland Shire that I know will transform thousands of people's lives exactly how it has transformed mine.

I will forever be indebted to Vision Personal Training for giving me the best life. Better than I could have ever hoped for. It provided me with the tools, knowledge and motivation to keep me healthy, fit & active for the rest of my life & showed me a sustainable & happy way to enjoy every day.

Seasons come and go but my motivation stays the same: year in & year out - enjoying a well-balanced, active and happy outlook is now how I choose to live my life. It is a non-negotiable standard that is not selfish but something that I do for myself that makes me a happier wife, mum and person. And I have never looked back!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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