An open Letter to Yourself*

Tuesday, 5 April 2016, By Curtis Riley

An open letter to yourself

When the average 30-50 year old like yourself decides that it's time to get in shape, the first thing you think of is every reason why you can't do it. Excuses like "How can I stick to a diet when I'm such a social person? Am I supposed to just never go out drinking or never have dinner with my friends again?" or "I just hate exercise, I'm too unfit to do it."

These excuses are your minds tricks, trying to give you some comfort that's only short term which is only hindering your chances at having long term success. Some people will never make any progress because they've never even considered making a change, they just brush it off with an excuse. If you're reading this then it's clear that you have the desire to progress and change your head space so you can transform yourself. With that in mind, the next time you make any excuses like these you need to tell yourself.

Excuse #1: How can I stick to a diet when I'm such a social person? Am I supposed to just never go out drinking or never have dinner with my friends again?

It's simple. There are plenty of healthy people, who go out for drinks or dinner with their friends, so why can't you be one of them? No one is telling you the only way to be healthy is to be a fitness hermit crab but you. Just like no one is telling you the only way to be healthy is to never drink alcohol again or that you can never eat at a restaurant again, it's unrealistic to think that, and it only gives you another excuse to be complacent.

Excuse #2: I just hate exercise; I'm too unfit to do it

There are ways to make exercise enjoyable, and it doesn't all need to be done out of your comfort zone. No one ever really says "I really want to bring myself to the verge of vomiting with some sled sprints." But that doesn't mean that you should give up on the idea of becoming a fitter you. No one said it was easy, but it's absolutely doable if you clear the excuses from your mind and get honest with yourself. Draw your focus to progression, not perfection.

Excuse #3: I really don't have the energy to exercise

That's exactly why you should do it. There are a number of reasons why you're not feeling your best; most likely it's that you're not eating the right foods at the right time or that your nutritional habits need to be improved. Also the fact you're not exercising means that you're missing out on the natural increase in energy we get from exercising.

Aim to make improvements in these areas and reap the benefits, it just takes you making a start. It all comes down to your readiness to change and whether you chose to live above or below the red line. We use the red line to indicate whether you are someone who takes ownership, accountability and responsibility for their own actions, if that sounds like you then you're playing above the line. Or you're the type of person who blames others, makes excuses and is in denial, this is the person who plays below the line. So the next time you catch yourself playing below the line, stop and turn it to positive action. We don't notice the impact that consistently practicing good habits has on our lives, good luck.

Curtis Riley

Vision Personal Training Bangor

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