Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?*

Friday, 29 June 2018, By Matt Aston


Breakfast - You can't start an effective day without it, or can you? Ever since we were children we have been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast kicks your metabolism into gear. Breakfast is the key to weight loss. Not hungry? Doesn't matter, you need breakfast.

But isn't your first meal that you have technically breakfast since you're breaking your fast??

In recent years studies have shown that maybe none of that is true. But it's not that the studies showed that breakfast is bad as such, it's maybe just not as good as we once thought. Breakfast is just... fine. But can it true that breakfast holds no morning magic?

It's common to hear that skipping breakfast causes people to overeat or make poor discussions for the rest of the day. Some studies have shown this however some of those studies were in fact funded by Kellogg's. But on the flipside, there is studies that showed people who skipped breakfast had actually eaten less for the rest of the day. There was a study also done on both options - this study randomly assigned people to eat breakfast and to skip breakfast. Sixteen weeks of study and the results were identical. Skipping breakfast didn't make anyone fat and eating breakfast didn't make anyone thin. It looks like breakfast is just another meal.

Just another meal?! But doesn't breakfast kick start your metabolism?

According to one study this is true. What you can find from this study is that the breakfast eaters ended up on average are burning more than 500 calories per day than the breakfast skippers. The breakfast eaters however did eat an additional 500 calories each day as the breakfast. So, no real changes were seen, but what I have taken from this is if you're eating enough food your body will have enough energy to function and burn calories, if you skip meals you might just not burn as much energy as you should.

Another common reason people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is that it's effects on cognitive performance. Most of the studies that look into this have promising links between breakfast and cognitive function are focused on children and adolescents. And this is very true - studies do show that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school. But, unfortunately this doesn't translate into well fed adults.

Cold pizza is breakfast, fruit is breakfast and oats are breakfast.

If breakfast is so good, does it matter what we eat for breakfast? Since anything could technically be classified as "breakfast". Working in breakfasts favour is that it's an easy meal to do right. There are plenty of classic breakfast foods that are easy nutritional powerhouses such as: oats, eggs, whole grains, and fruits. If you're eating breakfast, odds are that something from that list you're eating regularly.

Should you eat breakfast?

Maybe... Based on what you know now, you should definitely eat breakfast if you like eating breakfast. If you don't like eating breakfast, you should now feel more than comfortable to skip it. Do what makes you happy. Do what your appetite says. In this case, there is more than enough evidence to support you which ever decision you choose.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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