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Thursday, 12 March 2020, By Christopher Jovcevski

I can't tell you how many days in a week I hear from our clients 'it must be old age', like they are prescribing themselves with a condition or untreatable disease that only they can understand themselves.

Common conversations that would come up with me

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Can't to lose weight
  • Can't jog or run
  • Can't get rid of headaches
  • Can't be strong like in my 40s
  • Can't bounce back from injury like I used to

In the health industry I have worked with thousands of local community residents. I work with general population and at least 70% of my clients have been 50+. The transformations I have seen have been nothing short of amazing. They all started with me saying all of the same things as above, however with some proper and consistent exercise & nutrition programming they have realised that it wasn't old age keeping themselves in pain at all. It was the story they were telling themselves about being old.


Change your 'I can't', to 'how can I?'.
Chose empower questions that are solutions focused. Here are some examples that will hopefully inspire you. All of these people are real and above 50

Lee - Her story was that she could lose weight, however just couldn't keep it off. She asked herself a different question. Now she has lost 60kgs and has kept it off… we are now talking about running events.

Julie - Was inspired by Lee and realised her story of not being able to lose weight might not be true. She changed her story and has now lost 80kgs and has kept it all off. Training is now a part of her life; she couldn't even imagine herself not being active.

Matt - His story was that he couldn't lose weight. Changed his story and now has lose 20Kgs, found a passion for endurance sport. He has run marathons, triathlons and has found a true happiness through being able to keep himself fit and healthy. All this while be a sole carer of his two girls and his son.

Rudolf - Rudolf was in pain. He couldn't move his shoulder. He told me it was done. We together built some self-belief and changed his story. He now not only moves his shoulder but is completely out of pain. He lifts weights most days and is currently now running. On his way to do the Gold Coast Half marathon.

Chris - She was diagnosed with a myriad of injuries and told that she simply can't run. She took that literally at first and was down about it. She then decided changed her story and work on the 'how can I?'. She runs every single day now and uses it as her meditation time.

John - He was gardening one day and pulling some weeds out of the ground. His wife is immobile and dependant on him to look after her. She called out for some help, however he found himself unable to get up off the ground. He was stuck and had to roll around on the ground for minutes before he could get up. He told himself for many years it was old age that was stopping him. He changed his story, now has lost 35kgs, is completely mobile and able to not only look after his wife but also to swim, jog, exercise and live an active life in his mid-70s and beyond.

Bob - His story was that he was old and going to have to be frail and die soon. He challenged that story. Now at 70 he has the muscle of a 40 year old, he found a passion for triathlon and has got himself to a point where he want to represent his country in the sport. Simply amazing.


These are only some stories of the many inspiration journeys I have had the privilege of being a part of. Every one of them is over 50 years of age!

At times life gets hard for all of us. To quote 'Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, there is no rhyme or reason, that's life'. Geoff Jowet

When my life is challenging or I am struggling with something, I see these people each day and the fuel my fire. The most amazing things are possible if you ask 'how can I?'.

Do not be a victim of your story. You made it up in your head however you know that your future is not written yet.

Change the story, change the question and you will very well change your life.


Christopher Jovcevski

Owner of Vision Personal Training Bangor


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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