Tips on getting through the Christmas & New Year festivities without needing a weight-loss New Year’s resolution!*

Tuesday, 6 December 2016, By Alicia Jovcevski

Tips on getting through the Christmas & New Year festivities without needing a weight-loss New Year's resolution!

It is no surprise that evidence shows keeping basic lifestyle habits on track during the holiday period is likely to prevent excessive weight gain.
The excess kilos don't just disappear along with the Christmas decorations so here are a few key tips to allow you to enjoy the Christmas break without needing to lose the weight you originally lost throughout the year all over again, as your new year's resolution!

  • Eat better, move more!
  • Try to commit to the same (or similar) exercise schedule as you would on any normal day. It doesn't have to be a 5.30am start, but try to fit in some exercise every day, especially on the days where you plan to indulge. This will make both your body & mind feel better & help to combat the extra calories that might creep in.
  • Take advantage of having more time available to you to spend on exercise you enjoy doing but don't normally have time for & cooking nutritious & appetising meals.
  • If your partner isn't keen on exercising, leave the kids at home with them & have some "me" time & go by yourself.
  • When out visiting family & friends, take your own food or make a dish to contribute so you know there will at least be something there that is going to give you good nutrition.
  • Try to stand on the other side of the food table so you avoid snacking on the poor-quality nibbles that add to your waistline & just focus on eating the wholesome meal option (i.e. some baked turkey & roast vegetables).
  • Peruse the festive buffet before you load your plate to avoid foods you don'treally want. Pick the stuff you really want & have it in moderation.
  • Willpower is like a muscle: Work it & you get stronger. What's key is to practice keeping yourself in check. Then over time making better choices just becomes habit.
  • Get back on track with your usual healthy eating & exercise habits the next day after indulging, rather than giving yourself a "free pass" to junk load until you return to work!
    It's not worth eating yourself silly for an entire week or more & then have to start to work it all off again when it's time to go back to normality.
  • When drinking alcohol, try to have a glass of water in between drinks & avoid the high kilojoule mixers such as juice, soft drink and flavoured drinks.
  • Avoid 'morning-after' food! Purchase only what you need & try to empty your cupboards of the pre-packaged foods once the events are over to avoid binging on poor quality left overs. Send guests home with food-filled Tupperware. If it's not in the house, you can't eat it.

Including the above into the holiday season with a few of our recipes from our "Food for the Festive Season" articles listed on our Studio website & we are sure you won't need to be madly slaving away in the Studio come January 1st.

Merry Christmas!

Alicia Jovcevski
Studio Owner

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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