Why you should join Vision’s 9-week weight loss challenge!*

Monday, 31 July 2017, By Alicia Jovcevski

Why you should join Vision's 9-week Weight Loss Challenge!


If you're like most of the population you may have semi-hibernated throughout the Winter period and before you know it, Spring is only another few weeks away!

Like most people, you are now on a tight deadline to shed that winter coat!
The answer to all your prayers - Vision's infamous 9-week Weight Loss Challenge!

The Weight Loss Challenge happens twice a year in both autumn and spring so that we have you looking and feeling your best for every season.

WHY should you sign up to the challenge? Here's our top simple reasons!

It's built for fast-tracking results!

In the grand scheme of things, 9 weeks is not a long time so the all-important deadline can be met (and even exceeded!) just in time for that summer beach body, provided you are willing to commit yourself for the full 9 weeks and set a realistic, smart goal. You just show up to the Studio, follow your plan and we will take care of the rest!

Vision has everything you need

When you take part in the 9-week weight loss challenge you gain access to a powerful combination of Personal Trainers, group training, nutritional advice and the invaluable support of the whole Studio's Vision Personal Training team! We are all in it together and we all take part in fun, challenging and exciting events outside of the Studio that keep you motivated and enthusiastic to train throughout that whole 9 weeks - events like: conquering the famous Cronulla Sand dunes, Big Group Boxing with our neighbouring Studios and Group Cross Training Sessions - these events cater for ALL fitness levels so don't feel intimidated. 

Then there's the Weight Loss Challenge PARTY, where you get to see everyone's amazing transformations and celebrate all your achievements!

Whether you are a new Client to the Studio or have been with us for a while, the WLC is the perfect way to re-plug back into your goals.
This is the time where you can set that specific GOAL and through a nutrition session with your Trainer learn new tips and tricks with your nutrition that can help you achieve your goal that little bit quicker. Sometimes a simple change such as going from multiple full-cream flat white coffees per day to a long black coffee with a side of milk can make all the difference to fast-tracking your results!


Sometimes we all need a little tightening of the reins and the WLC is the perfect time to make the most out of your Personal Trainer. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our health and fitness and just go through the motions, these 9 weeks tend to be the most successful out of the year because there is a support network of like-minded clients and Trainers all working towards the one specific goal - achieving the best possible results during those 9 weeks through our weight loss challenge tracking charts (for friendly competition!) and enjoying great challenge events.

'Ready Set Go' book and the Vision Questionnaires
Two other items that are always great for that extra hit of motivation.
Tap into as much information as you can during these 9 weeks by reading 'Ready Set Go' by Vision Franchise Founder Andrew Simmons as it provides extra tips and inspiration!
And if you haven't already, make sure you answer the Vision questionnaires.
These are a great and we normally encourage clients to complete them when they first join Vision but we also highly recommend going through them again, as it's a great way to reflect on yourself, how much you have achieved and also helps your Trainer to understand your past and what motivates you better. Once you have completed the questionnaires, your Trainer will receive an email with your responses so remember to discuss the results with your Trainer so that you can really focus on the areas you both can work on together.

More focus on tracking your food through Vision Virtual Training
The mathematics for weight loss is simple, input vs output, but some people find it really hard to change or take ownership of their eating habits.
Vision has its very own world-class Vision Virtual Training App that allows you to track your food and exercise and also provides recipe ideas and cooking demonstrations to help you achieve your results.

This also gives your Trainer a clear insight into what you are eating, where you struggle in terms of emotions that can be leading you to overeat or overindulge in certain foods that might be undoing your results.
Often we see a Client's behaviour is triggered by emotions or habits they've developed over their life that are actually not conducive to achieving their goal.
The first step is to identify these triggers or habits to make the person aware, and then, educate you about what is actually occurring in the body. Two most common examples are: Turning to sugary foods at 3pm to overcome an energy slump; in fact, this will make you feel worse or gaining 'comfort' from eating poor quality foods when stressed instead of using light exercise as a more effective stress management tool.
Vision Virtual Training also contains a wide range of Exercise and Nutrition articles to assist you in achieving your goals. As a client, you automatically receive this access to this amazing resource. 

Involve your Circle of Influence
Your circle of influence is the 5 people in your life that are closest to you that will either have a positive or negative affect on your result.
At Vision, we firmly believe in involving your Circle of Influence into your health and fitness goals as much as possible as it generally helps to improve their health and fitness by your example too!
By involving your nearest and dearest it means you have a good support network outside the Studio that will help to keep you on-track with your goals - "a problem shared is a problem halved".

For example, it is quite common to see family members who dislike being woken before work when you're getting out of bed to exercise - as a result you feel 'bad' and don't exercise first thing in the morning when it's 'best' for your body to burn fat or you might have particular friends who would prefer to "catch-up" over coffee / café meals, rather than go for a walk / play a team sport or other activity which means your cardio targets may not be achieved that day.

Events such as our Weight Loss Challenge events (Cronulla sand dunes, big boxing and group cross training) or the Challenge Awards Dinners etc. are a great way to involve and positively influence your circle of influence as they get to come along and experience what you are a part of and how Vision can transform their lives too. Bring them along to shopping tours and seminars as well so they can start to make great changes to their own health and fitness.

The Vision Guarantee

Finally, you have nothing to lose with the Vision Promise!
Join thousands of other people who have successfully achieved their weight loss and fitness goals at Vision Personal Training. 

"We assure your investment with this simple promise. Follow your program completely for your first 9 weeks and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed results, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you do".

Come on, take the challenge! A new you could be only 9 weeks away so let us help you transform your life!

Alicia Jovcevski
Studio Owner

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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