Can I Have a Cheat Meal?*

Monday, 22 February 2016, By Dom Graham


Many diets within the health and fitness industry revolve around rigid eating plans that allow very minimal flexibility in terms of eating what you want to. While these diets may provide great short term results, many find it hard to maintain this style of eating for long periods of time, and often end up where they started or possibly even worse (known as a relapse). In order to achieve the ideal long term lifestyle you are after that you allow some room to eat the things you love.


There is no quick fix to weight loss, we know that. In order to be successful, you have to love the journey, and a lot of that involves including an eating plan you can follow long-term. 'Cheat meals' allow you to satisfy any cravings you may have and allow you to splurge on the foods you may avoid at all costs on other days. Implementing one cheat meal every week means that you will never go more than 6 days without eating the things you love. This prevents the possibility of binge eating, where your cravings build and build and build to the point that you cannot resist and go overboard. You need to remember that just like one good meal won't make or break your health and fitness goal, neither will one bad meal. Not only do cheat meals satisfy cravings, but they can also be used to spark your metabolism and fuel your body for high-intensity workouts.


Obviously it is important that we do not go overboard with our cheat meals; you need to earn them. By achieving your exercise and eating goals throughout the week, you will give yourself the leeway necessary to enjoy yourself. One good way to manage the effect your cheat meal may have is by completing a high intensity exercise session within 24 hours of consuming your cheat meal, or by having a low carbohydrate (accelerator) day before or after. The concept 'if it fits your macros' (IIFYM) is also important to take into mind. If you can manage to fit your cheat meal into your macronutrient targets, it will have minimal effect on your progress.


Through the advice from a health professional, you can successfully implement your favorite foods into your diet to achieve your ideal body. A long with a specific exercise plan, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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