How can I maintain my social life and achieve my goals?*

Wednesday, 2 March 2016, By Anthony Williamson

In my experience in the health and fitness industry one of the most common things I hear from my clients is that it's hard to eat healthy because the people around them don't or they had an event on and there was no "healthy" options.


Does this sound like you?


Is your lifestyle getting in the way of your goals?


Here is a few tips on how to eat out and still achieve your goals:


Stay focused on your goals.


Ensure that whenever you have a weight loss goal, it is always in the forefront of your mind. Understand and focus on your 4 W's, what (what the specific goal is that you are working towards, this creates clarity), where (the areas that you're unhappy with, this creates motivation once you start seeing improvements in those areas), why (it's incredibly important to understand why you have your goals, this is your motivation, working away from the negative feelings you have about yourself and working towards the positive), when (this is your deadline, this makes everyday matter and creates a sense of urgency).


Be a leader.


This is as simple of being the one who chooses your social occasions, choosing places where you know that you can make healthy choices, being the first one to order a meal so you're not influenced by other people's decisions to make poor choices. Be a wolf not a sheep.


Plan ahead.


If you aren't able to choose where you're going out for dinner or any other kind of social situation that you might face, plan ahead the best you can. Generally, you always have an idea of where you will be going or what kind food will be available so enter it in your food diary and estimate how much you will be having, if you know there is a possibility of having a carbohydrate or fat heavy meal, have less carbs and fats during the day so that you're not exceeding your macronutrient goals. It's always better to plan what you're going to eat and be slightly of your macronutrient goals than not planning at all and having no idea what to expect when you have your weekly weigh in. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Filling up.


Have you ever heard the saying never go shopping on an empty stomach? The same can be said for eating out. Whenever you eat out and you're hungry, chances are you're likely to make poor decisions when it comes time to choose your meal. Before your social outing have a small low carbohydrate, high protein meal, this will provide satiety and you're less likely to overeat. Another tip is to always have a glass of cold water once you arrive, drinking water creates the illusion that you're already full.


Above all the most important thing you need to remember is if you do eat something you shouldn't, it's not the end of the world! The biggest mistake I see is when people eat something they shouldn't, they give up on themselves and basically write themselves off for the next couple of days, all of a sudden that bad meal turns into a bad day or even a bad week. Accept the fact that you're only human and accidents happen, get straight back on the horse and don't give up on yourself.


Anthony Williamson


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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