Keeping food fun!!*

Friday, 26 June 2015, By Shaun Burn

With nutrition playing the biggest role in any health and fitness goal, it is important we keep it interesting and fun so we do not find temptation in the quick and easy options such as fast food.

So how do we keep things interesting and fun?

The number one reason we hear for people deviating away from the food we know we should be eating is because its gets "boring". To stop the boredom from occurring it's important to have variety. Swapping your broccoli for Bok Choy, rice for Cauliflower rice or quinoa, or chicken for some beef or fish are all great ways to get variety.

Another way to add variety is to use seasoning, sauces and spice. Things like garlic, ginger and chilli are all great seasoning which will enhance flavour and also help push your metabolism along.

When choosing a sauce its import to check the carb content as many use sugar to sweeten them. A great option is the Fountain good choice range which has no added Salt or Sugar and is Gluten free for those with allergies.

You can also use marinades or dry rubs to add flavour to you meats.

Finally, and most importantly, utilising Vision Virtual Training and trying one of the many recipes that have been uploaded by trainers and fellow clients. Is a great way to get variety and find new family favourites that a healthy and delicious.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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