Why Resistance Training is Important for Women*

Wednesday, 25 October 2017, By Holly Campbell

Are you afraid to pick up the weights because youdon't want to get bulky? Are you afraid if you start a resistance training program and stop yourmuscles will turn into fat? What if I told you both are misconceptions about women and weights, these are myths that women need to stop believing. In fact, women should be completing a resistance program due to multiple benefits that come along with it.

Before getting into the benefits of why women should make resistance training a part of her weekly routine, let me first explain why the two misconceptions above are myths.

Lifting weights make women bulky and look like men…

Many women believe that lifting weights will make them lookmanlyandbulky. The truth is, women do not produce the same amount of testosterone levels compared to men. In adults, testosterone has multiple effects across the body. One of these beingincreased protein synthesis, and increased muscles mass and strength. With men naturally producing more testosterone levels compared to women, this allows them to increase their muscle mass a lot more.

I don't want my muscle to turn into fat if I stop lifting weights…

This can no way happen, ever. Muscle and fat are two completely different tissues which makes it physically impossible for muscle to turn into fat if you stop lifting weights. When resistance training is part of your weekly exercise routine, your muscle cells are going to change over time causing them to grow and become firmer. Now, if you take resistance training out of your exercise plan over time your cells in the muscles will shrink or become less toned - pretty much it reverses what resistance training does.

With the two myths above busted, it's time to talk about the top benefits resistance training provides when it is a part of a women's exercise routine.

  1. Increase bone density: When you take part of regular resistance training, not only does it strengthen your muscles, but it also increases your bone density. As women age and head towards menopause the risk of osteoporosis rises. If you have stronger bones, you'll prevent the increased risk which means you are less likely to have any breaks if you have a fall.
  2. Lifting weights supports fat loss/maintenance: That's right, lifting weights can help with weight loss. Essentially, the more muscle mass you have the more your body will be burning at rest. Women always say they want to look toned, lifting weights is a must to achieve the toned look as well as a diet to support this goal.
  3. Increase strength WITHOUT bulk: Lifting weights is going to make you stronger, that's something you can't avoid. You just need to remember that you will not get bulky like men do. Being stronger has many benefits in day to day task, for example picking up the kids will be much easier, taking in the groceries is going to be a breeze and you'll just feel good overall.
  4. Helps with mental illness: As women get older and fall into menopause, mental illness is common at this stage of a women's life. Keeping physically active will help your body release your 'happy' hormones so you are able to manage the condition.

It's never too late to start! Just because you are one year older doesn't mean you are "too old" to start training. As soon as you make resistance training apart of your daily routine you will receive the benefits that it provides, whether you are 24 years old, 37 years old or 55 years old. It's never too late to move your body and introduce a healthy lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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