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Chris & Kimberley met in Sydney working together for Vision Personal Training. Through years of working, planning and preparing together, they got engaged in 2016 and decided to move to Melbourne a few months later to pursue their dreams of owning their own Vision Personal Training business. Chris Masina started his career with Vision Personal Training in 2012. After always leading a healthy and active lifestyle from everything between years of playing football and other sports to military training, he decided it was time to put that passion into helping others turn their dreams into reality. Chris has helped many people achieve their health and fitness goals within the Vision network and continues to do so in Blackburn, Victoria. One of Chris’s greatest highlights from his career is helping a member lose over 55kg, she then continued to become a Vision personal trainer, and is now a Vision PT business owner! Chris has an ongoing thirst for knowledge on nutrition, exercise, personal development and a strong desire to improve our communities’ health and fitness. Kimberley Hinschen has been a part of the Vision network since 2012. Kimberley has always been very active, with a background in track and field. At age 16 she competed for Australia at the Oceania Championships and received 2 bronze medals in triple jump and pentathlon. After this is when she found her love for helping others through coaching. Kimberley completed her Sport & Exercise Science degree and loved it so much she wanted to learn more, so she followed it up with a post graduate in Nutrition. Wanting to utilise her passion and knowledge in both exercise and nutrition, Kimberley searched for the perfect workplace, and found it at Vision Personal Training. “I have never worked in an environment where success is inevitable.” We recommend Vision Personal Training to anyone wanting to get healthier, fitter and stronger. Vision Personal Training will transform your life, we guarantee it!

Article Posts

Health Benefits of Cardio Training

Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation. For most people, when cardio is mentioned it’s followed by a shake of the head or a strong “no”. The important thing to remember is cardio is not only valuable for weight loss; but a wide variety of health benefits.

Weight Loss

Personal Training VS Gym memberships

25% of Australians have gym memberships, but only 16% of those people actually attend. In the end, to truly have an educated decision on whether to have a personal trainer, or just a gym membership, be sure to visit both. You will not be able get all the information needed over a 3-minute phone conversation.

Personal Training

10 Healthy Carbs that will Fuel your Training!

The more you train, the more carbohydrates you’ll need to fuel your muscles. However, it’s important to remember that not all carbohydrate dense foods will give you the same benefits.


10 Everyday Foods/Drinks that Exceed the Recommended Daily Intake of Sugar

At a time when we are all trying to be health conscious, and make better food choices it’s important to remember that some of your most common day to day foods may contain more sugar than you think.


Benefits of Exercise After 40

With work and life stresses, a lot of people tend to become inactive after 30-40years of age. By focusing on activities that you enjoy, and having a tailored regular exercise routine, you can experience many health benefits and transform your life.

Personal Training

Why is Breakfast so Important?

Everyone has no doubt heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” once or twice, but why is it so important? Breakfast has many benefits including: stabilising blood sugar levels, improving energy levels & cognitive function, boosting the metabolism and reducing the risk of over consumption of high kilojoule foods later in the day.

Weight Loss

5 Key Steps to Staying on Track this Festive Season!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Stay on track with your goals this festive season with these 5 simple suggestions :)

Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training is when muscles have to work to overcome a resistant force. Note, this resistance doesn’t necessarily mean a huge amount of weight plates, it could simply be your own bodyweight.

Weight Loss

Do you eat frequently but still feel lethargic?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies around the world, however it often goes undetected because people put the symptoms down to simple life stresses. High-risk groups likely to suffer include menstruating women, pregnant and lactating women, teenage girls and female athletes.


How to Create a Healthy Relationship between Kids and Food

In recent years it has become clear that there is an obesity epidemic in Australia, with the scariest part being that it starts during adolescent years. On the other hand, eating disorders and body image issues are on the rise as well. So how do we create a healthy relationship between kids and food without creating anxiety?


Understand and Take Control of your Emotions

If you take control of your emotions and your attitude, your mind will be able to take control of your health.

Weight Loss

No Excuses!

Having Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time sensitive goals that you can focus on and visualize helps to give you the motivation you need to work through periods where your enthusiasm inevitably starts to decline.

Weight Loss

5 Staple Foods to Always Have on Hand

It is a well-known fact that we reach for high carbohydrate/high sugar snacks when we are stressed and time poor (thank you increased cortisol levels!). Due to our continually busy lifestyles, having healthy foods on hand allows us to prepare nutritious meals quickly, or grab a quick and healthy snack when required. With these five simple fridge staples, you will have all you need to be able to put together a quick meal or a yummy, and most importantly, healthy snack in minutes.

Weight Loss

Did you know the human body is 60% water?

With the human body consisting of approximately 60% water, including the brain which is approximately 70% water, and the lungs roughly 90% water, it is crucial that you keep hydrated in order for the body to function at its optimum level.


The Hidden White Poison

A high sodium diet can not only lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, but it can also be a major player in weight gain.

Weight Loss

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