5 Key Steps to Staying on Track this Festive Season!*

Wednesday, 21 December 2016, By Kimberley Hinschen

Complete your 30mins of daily exercise before breakfast

  • Early morning cardio utilises fat stores as energy; perfect for weight loss
  • Daily exercise also increase Serotonin levels. This will help to regulate sleep, body temperature, muscle contraction, memory, mood, and appetite
  • By simply getting up 30mins earlier you can do your physical activity before joining the rest of the family for holiday activities (no missing out!)

Why not grab the whole family and enjoy some time in the sun while keeping active?

  • Collingwood Children's farm - learn about sustainable farming and say hello to the resident farm animals
  • Gumbuya Park - enjoy wildlife tours & free BBQ areas with the family
  • Head to the beach or local park for some Frisbee or soccer (boost the vitamin D)

Check out VVT for some healthy alternatives to take to your holiday season parties

  • By being prepared with healthy alternatives you will stay on track with your nutrition goals, as well as inspire friends & family to try new things
  • Some personal favourites include: vanilla protein cheesecake, coconut chicken bites and the quinoa goat's cheese salad

Have a high protein snack before heading out to functions to avoid picking at naughty treats

  • Protein is broken down slowly by the body thus keeping you fuller for longer (it will also help to repair those tired muscles after hours of dancing to Michael Buble!)
  • Easy snacks include: a berry protein smoothie or stuffed button mushrooms

Be sure to drink lots of water!

  • Most party snacks are very high in salt; water will flush out the extra sodium and help to decrease bloating and water retention
  • Water will also keep you hydrated and help to flush out the toxins if drinking alcohol
  • Be sure to use your alcohol vs exercise calculator on VVT as well to see how much extra cardio you need to do after indulging!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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