Making sensible choices in the silly season*

Friday, 4 December 2015, By Talia Hayman

With the silly season in full swing, how do you stay healthy and fit during the holidays?

1) Keep moving! Make exercise a priority no matter how busy your schedule is. If you have a party at night, try a morning workout. Can't make it to the Studio? Start your day with a walk. Be creative and get active with your family and friends. Enjoy your holidays outside playing beach cricket, volley ball, swimming or a bike ride.

2) Avoid Snacking! Foods at Christmas tend to be both high in fat and carbohydrates so try not going crazy on the nibbles. An easy way to avoid added weight gain is to have a light meal or snack before heading out. Don't stand around the food table and instead spend time walking around and socialising.

 3) Go easy on the Christmas cheer! Drink in moderation. Without even getting into the health risks of excessive alcohol consumption it's easy to drink away your macros for the day in a couple of your favourite Christmas cocktails. To avoid this happening try matching each drink for a glass of water and swapping high sugar drink mixes with soda water. Remember its ok to say no to a drink. This rule can also be applied to food, like that second sneaky helping of Christmas pudding. Listen to your body, stop when you're full or had enough.

 4) Take it easy! As your calender slowly fills up with outing and events, it important to remember that not every event has to be an excuse to overindulge. Pick which events you want to treat yourself on, and make them a special occasion. Remember most of all, the holidays are a time to relax and recharge. Make sure you make time to relax and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Enjoy some RNR these holidays so you can start the New Year fresh.

 5) Be the chef! Take control over your Christmas spread. Avoiding stuffing the pantries with chocolates and sweets and on Christmas day why not make a fruit platter as a healthy treat. Going to someone else's place on Christmas? Why not offer to bring a healthy side dish, so you have some choice of what's going on your plate. This year why not take the "silly" out of the season, try these top five tips for a healthy, happy holidays. It's easy to enjoy the festive season without hurting your health


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