A Single's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day*

Monday, 5 February 2018, By Lauren Massey


Another year has come and gone and it's that dreaded day for most single women.   If this is a day that you can't stand or try to avoid then let's say no and stick it to old St Valentine.

You should enjoy this day and treat yourself, because you deserve it!  This isn't a day for bingeing on chocolate or a tub of ice cream, drinking endless glasses of wine or feeling sad for yourself, let's make you feel great because really, you're the only one that can do that for yourself, relationship or not.


During the Day

Plan some things that make you feel good today, if you can get the day off work, do it!  There are normally specials during the week for facials and massages, get yourself a mani-pedi or a nice coat of polish.  And you know what makes us feel the best… shopping!  So, buy that LBD or those heels you have been eyeing longingly every time you walk past that shoe shop.   Once you have done some retail therapy why not get a blow wave or a shampoo and head massage.  Lunch with a friend is a great idea after you've worked up an appetite or better yet, enjoy some peace and quiet, pick a nice café, sit outside and take a book.


After your Day Out

When you get home, put on some music and dance around the house.  Call up your single girlfriends and organise a dinner and a movie (comedy of course).  If not, cook yourself a nice dinner, get a glass of wine, and jump in your comfy pyjamas and Netflix the night away.


End the Night

Some time for reflection.  Practising gratitude is a sure-fire way to make yourself feel good and appreciate everything that you have and receive.  What a great time to do some planning, plan for the next few months and maybe set some goals for the next year.  Work on the different areas in your life including - career, financial, family, relationships, community, spiritual and health and fitness - there is nothing more attractive then someone who has confidence in their life and has direction, not to mention is full of energy and looks after their health and wellbeing…


The Next Day

Put out some workout clothes and your runners and start the next day with a 10 minute meditation, a light stretch or at home yoga sequence, then greet the sunshine with a nice walk around the block or local park/beach.   Something this simple can have big effects when practised consistently, not only on your physical state but on your mental state, preparing you positively for the day ahead.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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