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Wednesday, 20 January 2016, By Jeff Osborne

I love this time of year! It's sunny, hot, beautiful and the positivity swirling around is inspiring! The especially cool thing is there are so many people who have started an exercise program with great intentions to make this the healthiest year yet! But by now the doubts start creeping in…

Life is busy, and unfortunately the first thing that gets dropped when people get busy is their exercise. It shouldn't be like that, but it is. Then, before you know it months have passed and you are officially off the horse! So here are a few tips to stay on that horse and make exercise something you look forward to and do for the rest of your life!

1/ Start at the beginning!

Too many people think that if they aren't training like a professional athlete then it isn't worth doing! The key to any exercise program is consistency. Even if you only do 30 mins once or twice a week, if you keep that up for a year the results will surprise you! And the best part is, when you start feeling great, that 30 mins twice a week turns into 3 times, then four and so on. So don't over commit at the beginning, if this week you can only do 10 mins a few times, that is 1000% better than doing nothing!

2/ Be effective with your time!

Make the most of the time you have. If you have 9 hours a week to exercise you can afford to do a ton of different stuff that isn't that effective. So many people say do exercise you enjoy, I disagree. For most people just doing something they enjoy isn't enough if you don't see results. Do something you don't hate! But make sure you do what works! Effective strength training, a good mix of high and low/moderate cardio and getting your eating right will see some amazing changes, and that positive feedback is what will drive you to continue!

3/ Set goals and milestones, but keep your eye on the big picture!

How long do you plan to be healthy for? I hope the answer is the rest of your life! That means you are going to be doing this for a long time yet. So treat it that way. You don't have to kill yourself ever session, you just have to turn up! And keep it up! Set some small goals that will give you something to work towards (walking a certain distance, tummy measurement, cycling…) but remember, you have 30, 40, 50 60+ more years of this! So pace yourself and be consistent.

4/ Find a place that is social as well as effective!

One of the best ways to fall in love with exercise is to make it social. Go somewhere that you can have a chat, make some friends, develop relationships and enjoy the time. You know things are going well when you are meeting up with your exercise buddies for breakfast and a coffee every week on top of the exercise sessions. If you are into pumping iron, don't go to a pretty gym… go to a hard core iron pumping gym! If you are a busy professional, go to where other busy professionals go and get results…

5/ Read up about healthy eating and exercise

Find some blogs, Facebook pages (facebook.com/VisionBundall), Instagram accounts, anything that will keep being active and eating well in the forefront of your mind. When you are surrounded by it, you are more likely to do it more often.

Loving exercise and eating well is all about loving yourself and doing something every day for you! Too many people sacrifice their health for so many other things, but if you make it a habit and be consistent you can enjoy life and be the health person you deserve to be!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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