Falling in Love With Exercise*

Monday, 13 January 2020, By jack smith

We live in an age where there is more gyms, personal trainers, apps and E-books than ever before all designed to help us stay fit and healthy.  With all this information and help available, surely, we should be the fittest and healthiest generation, right? Wrong.  Australia as a nation has become more sedentary and unhealthier than ever before.

I believe the average person gets overwhelmed by what they see in the media and what is identified as "healthy"  The latest craze, a fitness model with an unobtainable physique for the average person's lifestyle, brutal workout regimens are all barriers for the average person to find clarity and success in the exercise space.  80% of people who sign up to a program of gym aren't continuing with that program 12 months later because of these very reasons.

How do we help make the change?  Put simply, Exercise made fun gets done.

That's right, when we actually enjoy our programming and it fits into our lifestyle, we are much more likely to make it a habit.

Find someone who can help you to stay injury free and progressing.  Whether you have a personal trainer, physic, chiro or great massage therapist; it's important to ensure you regularly see a professional to ensure you stay fit, healthy and strong to be able to actually continue exercising.  A good health professional will spend plenty of time understanding your body and goals, then building specific plans designed to help you move forward.

There are some fundamentals that need to be part of every exercise program: resistance training for healthy strong bones & muscles, plus cardiovascular training for heart health and general fitness.  As long as there is correct progression and programming with these two things, the next most important thing is to help you enjoy it!  Whether we set goals to lift a heavier weight and run a little faster or just to maintain a regime for more than a week; these little victories help build our confidence and love of training.

Once we find a sustainable program, buddy up with a friend or partner to keep each other accountable.  Your circle of influence is vital, if the people around you have great training habits and positive relationship with exercise then you are more likely to do the same!  There will always be days when motivation is lower, but having an exercise buddy will help to keep that momentum and sharing the experience will only improve your relationship!

Now that we have found some great habits and really enjoying our training, let's find something to really engage us and push out of our comfort zone a little bit.  Find an event that interests you and sign up straight away.  Whether it's a fun run, bike ride, ocean swim or a charity walk; having a set date to ready yourself for this will give you a keen focus to improve and a great feeling of satisfaction once completed.


Whatever you choose to do, if you abide to the above principles, you will find long term success and health!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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