Natalie Mayne

10kg Down and My Lightest in Over 20 Years!*



How were things before you joined Vision?

Not too bad. I was plodding along at a slower pace working out 2 x per week and doing dance parties at night with my then 6-year-old. I was never truly committed. Sure, I thought I was at least doing something! But the results were slow and I generally had a misguided approach to food.

  Tell me about your Journey:

I was never a big person as a child or a young adult. My whole body changed with our IVF journey. By the end of our 6th go I weighed in at 78kg's at 158cm tall. I was considered in the obese BMI. I felt miserable and depressed. I made the call to stop any more IVF until I was under 70Kg and low and behold on our 7th go we conceived our daughter. That was 7 years ago. I then fell into the trap of just accepting this is my weight from now on. A size 14 and anywhere from 70-74kgs! This year I decided enough is enough. My busy lifestyle was no longer going to be an excuse. Trying to teach my daughter healthy habits, yet not looking after myself was not an example I was going to set. So, when a friend tagged me in a post for Vision Bundall I thought, why not I'll give it a go.

What Results have you achieved?

In the middle of May, I first met Tiafi. She went through everything with me, helped me set goals has worked through problem areas like lower back problems etc. My training was adapted to suit. I weighed in at 66.7kgs (at the beginning of Jan I was 71kg so had only managed 4kgs on my own in 5 months) By the end of my first 9 weeks I weighed in at 59.4. That's 7.3kg down in less than half the time it took me to lose 4kgs! My visceral fat has dropped dramatically, my bio age came down (you gotta love that). I felt healthier and fitter than I had in years.  I'm now in my second 9-week challenge. I'm still achieving my goals, currently weighing in at 56.6kg. Tiafi has been a fabulous support in my setting and achieving goals. The Team at Vision Bundall make you feel welcome and are just as encouraging.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining?

Are you ready to do it for you? Are you ready to be a better healthier version of yourself? If you answered yes, then the only question I have is to you! Why haven't you joined yet? Tick Tock the healthier you is waiting!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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