Vicki Argus

February 2016 Client of the Month*



Meet Vicki - She is the February 2016 Client of the month at Vision Personal Training Bundall.  She works as a busy teacher's aide at one of the Gold Coast's schools.  After a recent holiday overseas skiing and indulging in all that New York and Canada could offer she was determined to get back on track. 

Vision Bundall has been a part of Vicki's life since she joined over 3 years ago, concerned about bone health as she aged. Having lost over 15 kilos before Vision there was more that she wanted to achieve and with it the incorporation of exercise was the key…

Since joining the Vision Family she has gone on to lose a further 11kgs and maintained the consistent weight training program that allows her to not be afraid of ageing with weakness. She has completed numerous fun runs, tough mudder, skiing holidays and hiked the Milford Track with friends and Vision comrades. 

Vicki understands that she needs to take care of herself on the life journey and knows that to enjoy the very social life she shares with hubby Russell, it is important to find the balance. Regular weight and cardio training with her trainer Michelle keeps her on track and the regular weigh ins keep her nutrition on track to ensure she can live the life she loves with friends and family!  

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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