Aren't you tired of being so tired all the time?*

Wednesday, 29 June 2016, By Damian Glynn

It is time to make a decision, to MASTER THE POWER OF ENERGY!

I meet people all the time that are looking for more energy in their life, telling me that their life feels so overwhelming.  Telling me that they are always giving to everyone else whether that be chasing around after the kids, getting dinner ready, packing the lunches or finishing off work late into the night to catch that deadline until they have completely neglected themselves and as a result there health suffers… Does this sound like you?

So what I tell them is if you are tired all the time, there couldn't possibly be any passion in your life.  Let's be honest here: When you're exhausted there is no way you can feel passionate and everything feels so much harder and to make any new consistent habits feels almost impossible.

Have you ever felt like this before?  Think about this: What kind of impact is this having on your health, or your relationships? How much stronger would your health and relationships be if you had 10 times the amount of energy that you do today? What more could you accomplish?

Now, before you read on, can I ask you one thing?  I want you to think of this as the most important subject in your life, think of this subject not as a '"should" but as a total "MUST!!"

You are going to have to decide what is right for you and to make new profound distinctions on how you can make this work, sound fair?

Imagine this - if you were to master the skill of creating more energy (and yes this is a skill) and you were able to increase the amount of energy you have on a daily basis by 50 to 100%, how much more productive would you be? What else could you achieve?

The reality is that if you were to when you master this skill, then everything you ever dreamt of would become available to you!  Excited?  I hope so, cause what I am going to share with you is super easy.  So easy that you will not believe it and I know this because the thousands of clients I have worked with were complete blown away with how incredible the mental shift was.

My promise is this: follow these rules for 30 days and I guarantee that you will see and produce more energy then you have ever had before.

First and foremost you MUST…


Too often people say things to me like: "Oh but my life is different… It's way harder for me than everyone else…  My kids don't listen… My partner doesn't help out…  My boss is always so angry…  My job is so demanding…" and the list goes on and on.  The reasons, or let's face it, excuses are always the first barrier to conquer.  As Buddha says, "There is no such thing as the truth, there are only our perceptions".  

In that case, what are you perceiving to be the truth?  Is what you perceive serving you?  If the answer is "No, my truth is not serving me" then you must change it, look at your story from a different angle.

You see, the stories we tell ourselves everyday become our reality therefore if we continually tell ourselves that we are tired or we have no time or our life is too hard then all we are going to get is a hard or tied life.  So I am sure you would agree that the first step is a MUST. If you can't change your story then there is nothing else you need to read because the truth is that I nor anyone else can help you until you get rid of the negative story that you are telling yourself and become committed to finding a new way to help yourself.

This article is about making new decisions because when you think about it, if we make different decisions will we take different actions, right? If we take different actions will we get different results, right?

So, how do you go about changing your story?


We all have that little voice inside our heads that constantly tells us what to do, how to respond to our environments and what we believe and what is right or wrong.  I call mine my very own self talk spiritual guide, but more commonly society calls it our conscious brain.  Call it what you like but there is one thing for sure and that is we all have and know them well, don't you think?

This little voice is ALWAYS in control unless we DECIDE to re-program it.

For example, have you ever had one of those days where, from the moment you woke up you were JUST  SO  DRAINED?  Where you were fighting your alarm to get up?  Just 5 more minutes, please!  You may have had the worst nights' sleep or you might have been up late watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Somehow you find yourself in the shower muttering, "Why am I so tired?" .

Now here's the thing- As soon as you ask this question in your mind, regardless of the situation, you will answer this with things like: because I am lazy, because my job is draining me, or my life is ruled by work, I didn't get enough sleep, etc.  This is where our stories start to form and, as you can see, once the stories start to create new references then the belief of being tired becomes so strong that it is almost impossible to feel anything BUT tired.

The key here is to ask yourself a question that is going to give you much more empowered answers so that you can change the way you feel in an instant!  We all have these days; the difference from person to person is simply how long are we willing to stay in this state.

A better question could be: What can I do right now that will give me much more energy?  or how can I change my state?  If you struggle at first try:  If I could increase my energy right now, what could I do?

You see just by changing the way that we communicate to ourselves we will be able to change the stories that we tell ourselves.  This in turn will lead us to better strategies on how we can move away from being tired and towards having more energy simply by changing our self-talk question from "Why am I so …?" to "How can I be more…?".

As the personal development coach Brian Tracey says: "10 minutes of planning will save yourself hours in execution ".  Therefore, STOP right now and answer the question, have a little fun with it and make sure you don't judge your answers - challenge yourself to come up with 10 new and different strategies to feel more energised!

Now you MUST:


I am a big believer that there is only ever fortune through follow through and that knowing what to do but doing nothing is the same as not knowing.  

Former US President Calvin Coolidge once said that our world is full of educated derelicts.  What I think he meant is that we all know what we need to do however we are not disciplined enough to do it.

We have all said to ourselves on various occasions that we are going to do something and then we don't.  Whether that is as simple as cleaning the car, taking your kids to the park, losing that last 5 kilos that have plagued you for years or as big as quitting the job you have always hated or booking that holiday overseas the commonality of not following through is universal.  

It is because I understand this that I asked one simple action of you -  that you turn these self questioning skills into a MUST rather than a should.  Practise this skill until you master it, pull yourself up when you forget.  When you hear that brain worm asking you "Why am I -" questions, smile and change it to a "What can I do to feel more -" question… then ANSWER it!  Cause let's face it, what is the worst that is going to happen?

So again I challenge you to commit to mastery the increasing of your energy.  Set yourself 30 days where you ask yourself an empowering question everyday and even if the answer is as simple as go for a walk, take the immediate action without judging yourself. You do this and I guarantee that your energy muscle will become stronger and stronger and you will have so much more energy to create more time to become the healthiest person you can which will help you achieve all the things that you have ever wanted to.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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