Is your TV making you fatter?*

Wednesday, 25 November 2015, By Damian Glynn

Research suggests that the average Australian is spending one whole month a year watching TV - yes you read that correctly,  31 days sitting down starring into the bliss we call entertainment!

For over a decade I have made a commitment to help Australians become healthier, fitter, lose weight and enjoy life much more and what really alarms me is that unfortunately on my quest for victory my efforts and enthusiasm are constantly out played by the decline in health in Australia. I have to ask myself, why??

We live in a day and age where everything is so accessible - information, support, freedom of choice, yet things are not getting easier in fact quite the opposite, it is like time is shooting by and for many for us we are in constant battle trying to slow it down to get things done.

I felt that I was at a cross road and helpless, that was until I read the new research suggesting that on average we are watching in excess of 5 hours of TV a day, thats 31 days out of a year. I was in complete shock! wow, this does explain a lot.

I believe this is playing a vital role in the mental and physical health of our country and you as parents, bosses, employees need to be consciously aware of what this does to your health.

So, how is watching TV making you fatter?

Think about it, what sort of food choices do we tend to make when we are relaxing and sitting down to unwind? How motivated are you to move more after watching TV? How much do you talk to your kids/wife when the TV is on? If you are like 99% of the clients I work with, then the answer to these questions are never as good as you would like them to be.

I decided that I was going to do a little experiment, I moved my family TV out of sight and out of mind to take a break for 31 days. Without changing anything else in my life I was incredibly surprised and saw a HUGE upside in my health, my relationship with my wife and kids and their happiness and my productiveness.

Now here is the thing, I didn't even TRY - I lost 2.5kgs (the easiest 2.5kg I have ever lost and I don't need to lose weight), the best thing is I didn't even have to think about it, once the option of watching TV was gone I opted to interact with my family which consisted of regular beach walks, I found so much more time to plan and organise my days for eating, exercise and work, I read and learned 100% more. It was by far one of the most therapeutic and stress free months I have ever experienced.

So here is my question to you, how much time do you spend in front of the box?

I challenge you to put your TV away for a month and see what kind of impact you can make on your journey to greater health.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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