There is a big problem and if you want to lose weight, it involves you!*

Monday, 14 March 2016, By Luke Baker

There is a big problem and if you want to lose weight, it involves you!

Did you know that the majority of people make the same New Year's resolution year after year? Do you know anybody like that?  

There is shocking news that you need to know about. The Australian bureau of statistics show that 63% of our western civilization is overweight and out of shape. 1 in every 4 of our children are now obese! In 2010 there was the case of a 10 year old Australian boy who died from having a heart attack as a result of obesity! Yes! He was 10 years old! Obesity has now hit epidemic proportions. Let's make one thing clear though. This is not another article about exercise, nutrition or prioritising, although these are all very important!  These have all been part of our routine at some stage in our life. We may have become members of a gym, been on a diet or have possibly had a personal trainer at some stage so this is not the problem. The problem is actually wanting to lose weight! 


Replace one word to change your life. 

Do you remember when you were a kid, where 'no' meant 'yes' and 'yes' meant 'more', where everything had to be now and tomorrow felt like forever, where simply wanting something wasn't enough? Do you remember kicking, screaming or simply repeating yourself until you got the reaction or the answer you wanted?  What happened? What happened to the person that refused to take 'no' for an answer and immediately took action on their hopes and dreams? By now you're probably screaming at the computer yelling 'life' and you're right! Life does happen; we have families, careers and a lot more responsibility now, but you know what? That's not why we struggle to keep the weight off. We struggle because we only 'want' to lose weight and wanting isn't enough. We need to make it a 'must' because when you commit 100% to a decision it doesn't matter what events, functions and festivals are coming up, you just do it! We all know someone who, after many attempts, has quit smoking, drinking or altered an unhealthy lifestyle and if you ask them what changed, they look at you and reply, "Nothing changed. I am just a non-smoker" or "I just love eating healthy. It is who I am." What nonsense! We think to ourselves. Naturally, we think that it must be the latest and greatest diet, exercise plan or the newest quit smoking product. The truth is, they made what they desired a priority! Although the latest information about eating, exercising and smoking and the associated technology is very useful, they are only supplements for the most important factor, our original decision. 


Send in the Reinforcements…… because you're going to need it.   

One morning you wake up and you can't put your finger on it, but something feels different. The simple task of getting out of bed seems hard and everything hurts. You walk over to the mirror to find a person you don't like staring right back at you!  As you open your wardrobe you reach for your favourite pants and as you are putting them on you notice that they no longer fit! You shrug your shoulders and choose something else to wear instead! As you are driving to work you notice that there is a new gym that has just opened up. There are big balloons everywhere and a large sign that reads, '1 month free'. Without any warning, you are hit with this incredible serge of motivation! You start telling your work colleagues how excited you are and that this time it's going to be different! With this newfound motivation you pick up the phone to take action but before you do, you have one last look at the calendar and this is where it happens: "Christmas" in bold red letters is just 1 month away! You remember that the kids will be on holidays and mum, who makes the best Christmas pudding, is coming to stay. You ponder the situation but a hasty decision is made to wait until after the holidays. Sound familiar? I'm sure there are a lot of you reading this, who have actually kept their word and started after Christmas, or the holidays or when work settled down but unfortunately the damage has been done! You see, when you make the initial decision, the decision is for NOW not tomorrow, not after Christmas but now! If

you put it off, you are just reinforcing the notion that your own health is less a priority than birthdays, Christmas and holidays! The problem with this is, these events happen every single year and if you made these events more important once, then there is a good chance you will do it again. You see we are emotional not rational beings. "We think to create and feel to decide."  At that very moment your body is telling you the time is now, "today I change". But you begin to think about it, allowing that thinking to take charge, and so you push it back a week, a month or a year. Suddenly the 'must' is gone and you are simply left with just the 'want'! 


The most important 5 seconds of my life! 

Late last year, after just finishing my very first bodybuilding competition, my motivation for my own health was at an all-time low! To make matters worse, within a space of 2 months, I had suffered from salmonella, underwent a hernia operation and spent 10 days in Vietnam! Okay! The holiday, in general, was amazing! However, I felt terrible about myself!  My clothes were tight but I constantly told myself that everything was going to be okay and that once I returned home I would get back into my normal routine. The truth was I found myself getting worse! Luckily for me, I have a very honest mother who, one night, told me that I was the biggest she had ever seen me! The next 5 seconds were crucial! I was faced with two choices: I could push it back another 2 weeks and start when I returned to my normal routine or I could make a decision to change immediately, regardless of the challenges that I would face. Right in the middle of my holiday, I lost those 5 kgs in 2 weeks! More importantly, I made a decision that helped reinforce my belief that my own health is more important than any holiday I could ever go on, which set me up for massive success when I returned home!  


Do you want real change in your life or are you reading this to fill in time? 

One thing that I have learnt over the last 2 years, especially with my clients, is to avoid being their buddy. You see, a buddy is one of those people, who, when you are out drinking, hands you your keys and says, "Call me when you get home safely". That's not really caring about you. A friend, on the other hand, will pull you up and hold you to a higher standard. Let me ask you a question. Are you just reading this article for interest, or are you going to use this article to lead you to take action? Are you going to be one of the statistics who knows what to do, but is still not prepared to act on what they know?  Or are you that person who is going to take action right now? Let me guess! I believe that you are the person who is motivated to act now, so here are your first three steps: 

1) Make a decision

2) Taken action immediately

3) Invest! (You have to put something in to get something out)

When is NOW a good time to change your life? 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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