Clint Donovan

Lost 13.5kg and has turned his life around!*



Battling consistent gout attacks, diagnosed sleep apnea with an accompanying sleep machine, lower back pain, and wearing the badge of 'big fella', you would be forgiven for assuming I was a balding, baby-boomer. I'm 33.

My name is Clint Donovan, and I WAS on a path of destruction.

It was following a work trip away, where typically, indulgence was how I rolled. If it was in another postcode it didn't count. Buffet breakfasts, lunches as long as your arm and dinners that would flow into the early hours of the following day was the 'norm'. After all, who orders salad when someone else is paying? More importantly, it is my role within a luxury industry to fit in, to be seen, to never say 'no'. I am an Auctioneer within the Thoroughbred Industry. People usually come in with a heavy wallets and leave with a light one, I would come in with a light wallet and leave with gout (not that I'm leaving). I caught glimpses of myself in photos and on TV and realised something had to change.

Here I was, dream job, dream wife, dream kids, and the way I was living my life, I wasn't going to be around for very long to enjoy it. I never met my grandfather, he died of a heart attack at 52. My dad has heart complications similar to that of his father, along with diabetes. Like the horses, it's in my pedigree. But the buck stops with me. I refuse to let my 2 year old son grow up with the assumption that his book is already written.

Fad diets work, just not for very long. I've had half a go at most. I needed something real, something whole, something to last a lifetime. A long one.

A friend of mine and Vision's, Jeff Burchall, passed on the number of Damian Glynn for about the 12th time, he was relentless. Everyone around me knew that I needed change, though I had one hurdle, pride. I was happy, right? As long as I had a drink in my hand I was anyway… I did need help, and really it couldn't come soon enough.

My first Vision experience was great. New shoes, new attitude and a lot of hope and expectation. One question I remember was how confident I was of achieving the goal we had set together. I spat out '8', that's about what they wanted to hear I thought? Realistically I meant 5, i.e. it probably wouldn't work. That much food? 5 meals a day? It was a total head-spin. Carbs - I thought I should avoid carbs altogether? Protein - I eat meat as it is…but not that much? and how can that fat add up so quickly, Italians drink oil don't they? They're healthy? Results are 70% food and 30% exercise they said.. Yeah right…. I'd heard it all now.

Getting work/life/family/gym balance, making time in a busy schedule and the financial commitment required were all factors that required consideration and attention. Cooperation from my wife was also required and she has been wonderfully supportive, urging me on with words of encouragement. Making time for myself as an investment in our future together was the mantra taken and I was into this thing, boots and all. I could and still can not get enough once I was on a roll.

Turns out it works. Just do what you're told and don't cheat, most importantly don't cheat yourself. I cannot believe it.

Over 13kg later it's a dream really. To walk proud, to be proud, to play on the floor with the kids (3 under 3 years at that), I'm learning to surf and the best of all was to take back the sleep machine to the little judgemental lady sitting behind the desk. Forget about my sore back, I ran 10km in a fun run and it was actually fun! Unbelievable. Half marathon is next and I'm pumped! Gout? Something long forgotten, never to return thanks to the life changing lessons learnt at Vision. My clothes don't fit, I need a new smaller wardrobe and my wife can't keep her hands off me. Winning!

I can't thank the Vision Personal Training family enough for not only the motivation, but for providing me with the tools to maintain a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for my family and I. I can still entertain clients, I'm just smarter about my choices. I am continuously urged by Damian to be better, be stronger, be fitter and I don't want to disappoint him because he is genuinely a good bloke. My kids know that I go to the Studio in the morning because if I don't exercise I'll end up with a big belly like Daddy Pig. I'm really looking forward to the next stage which has started already encouraging and motivating others to achieve their goals. One thing is for sure, I'm a Vision man for life.  

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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