Rosemary Wood

I regained my youth!*



Life has a way, if we allow it to, of getting in the way of 'living'. Life can be full of challenges: those that are self-imposed and those that life just presents to us. Challenged by decades of hypothyroidism, back and knee problems, lethargy, stress and the weight gain associated with them, I was fast approaching my 60th birthday with dread! Having tried, and ultimately failed at most of the popular weight loss options, I made a life-changing decision to visit Vision at Burleigh, after a personal recommendation by a fellow Visionite some two years earlier! When I walked through the doors I was greeted by Personal Trainer Luke Baker. What struck me most was that, despite his age, he exuded a calm confidence and the strength of conviction that he could achieve results! And so began a profound journey for me!

With my Trainers unwavering support and guidance, and his astute knowledge, I slowly began to transform; not only shedding kilograms and centimetres, but all those negative thoughts, emotions and anxieties that I had unwittingly acquired over those decades. Slowly I grew in confidence, my joy in life returned, I overcame my fear of flying and I regained my long lost energy and fitness levels! No level of praise would be adequate to thank Luke, the staff at Vision Burleigh and my fellow Visionites for supporting and inspiring me to achieve my goals! I am no longer afraid of challenges, I relish them! I am once again strong and I leap out of bed these mornings with a newfound joy for what wonders my day may bring! I have an incredibly dedicated and inspirational young man to thank for that! Few people have crossed my path and had the ability to alter the course of my life in such a positive way. Luke and the staff at Vision have achieved that and I will remain forever grateful!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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