Alana Spadaro

The fittest and happiest I have ever been.*



I went on a holiday with my best friend in August who had recently lost 15kg with another Vision Studio. Annoyingly, she couldn't stop talking about the positive vibes and fun experience she was having in her Vision community. So, I decided to give my local Studio a trial. I'd had zero success with other soulless Gyms over the last 10 years but figured that the recipe of what Vision were offering was unique and might just work for me.

My body confidence issues peaked 4 years ago when I gained over 12kgs whilst journeying through the IVF experience. Emotionally and physically this was the most challenging experience. After stopping treatment, I continued to use alcohol and chocolate as emotional aids. It was a vicious cycle. The last few years I have been yo-yoing in and out of fad diets and having short bursts of exercise but never really committed myself to a transformational change.

It was on my holiday that I saw a picture of myself in my bathers and this was a turning point. I was inspired by my friend's success and decided to join. I met with Phil 4 months ago, and was surprised with the level of care and attention that was paid to understanding my story, my motivations and what my pain points were. Most of all, I liked that he was going to keep me accountable in a supportive way.

I'm a sucker for routine so I took well to the food diary and meal prepping. But having never done any weight training before, I found this the most challenging. What I love most is the amazing community that I now find myself a part of. I actually look forward to going to training and doing the group classes. The positive energy in the Camberwell studio is definitely contagious.

My body has transformed but so too has my attitude to food and alcohol. I am now the fittest and happiest I can remember ever being and I've reduced my body fat by 15.5%.

This year I ran 10km at the Melbourne Marathon event which was the furthest I've ever run. Then two weeks later I joined in with the Camberwell team and completed Tough Mudder!

My mojo is definitely back!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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