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I originally joined Vision to improve my cardio fitness. I would get puffed just walking the short distance from my bus stop to our 3rd floor apartment each day after work - I decided that I was too young to be this unfit.

When I first started, I was frustrated that I wasn't achieving results immediately. I was exercising and I wasn't an overeater (in fact, I was under eating), but I was still unfit, unhappy and unhealthy. The time and effort my Trainer put in not only to my Personal Training sessions, but to educate me and help me understand that it's not all about how much time you're spending in the Studio, but a combination of exercise, eating and how you are looking after yourself, proved invaluable.

Once I started listening and putting into action what I had been taught, I started seeing results and gained more confidence. I started attending Group Training sessions and embraced the supportive atmosphere that Vision provides. In doing so, I have made an invaluable support network of friends with other Clients, Trainers and Deni and Lena, the Directors of the Studio.

I have grown from someone who could have thrown up at the sight of a treadmill to achieving hall of fame results on the 1.2km treadmill test to completing a half marathon in my goal time!

I have lost 6kgs, my cardio fitness is miles from where it was and I am feeling fit, strong and healthy.

I now have the knowledge to keep myself on track and I actually enjoy going to the Studio. Vision provides such a welcoming, supportive network - something I have not experienced in any other fitness facility. I am approaching my 6 year anniversary as a Vision Client, I think that is a testament to Vision in itself!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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