Lost over 14kg and improved my sense of self-worth*



I was 36 years old when I met the team at Camberwell. I mention this as central to my mindset was the fact that I was fast approaching 40, overweight, unfit and lived a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting behind a desk at work with no activity-based interests to speak of I was unhealthy, and I had a poor body image and in terms of fitness I was not a self-starter.

Prior to starting with Vision, fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle weren't a priority for me, I had never trained physically and had no knowledge of how the food I consumed impacted my weight.  After speaking to a friend who had great success with another Vision Studio, I paid Phil and Leigh-Ann a visit, to see what they could offer.

Even with a busy professional schedule and the family commitments that come with two young kids, they were able to put together a plan that aligned with my goals, one that I could execute and easily make part of my daily routine. With the help of my trainer John, I was soon training regularly and correctly, as well as eating to a customised nutrition plan that was tailored to me.

What I loved the most was that John took all of the guess work out for me. I was able to follow the meal plan at home, and in the studio, John guided me through each exercise, so I was confident I would not injure myself and still get maximum results.

Within 6 months I had achieved weight loss of over 14 kilograms, looked and felt much stronger. I had embedded a healthy mindset around nutrition and smart eating choices. Most importantly my sense of self-worth had improved along with positive changes to my body image - this had far reaching implications, and as a result I had become a happier person all round.

Today, I feel a great sense of gratitude towards Vision Camberwell, in particular my trainer John. I look forward to achieving many more goals in terms of my fitness and nutrition.


I cannot thank you enough.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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