Stuart Dyer. Overcoming embarrassment and improving my health whilst living with a congenital heart defect

14kg lost - Healthier, fitter and stronger*



Almost 10 months ago l recall noticing a fire engine red coloured door opposite the Camberwell market so l thought I'd take a look to see what it was all about. Upon getting closer the slogan on the door read, 'birthday suit alternations here', which immediately grabbed my interest so I entered to check it out. I went inside and was greeted by Phil who is one of the owners and also my Personal Trainer. He asked me if l would like to sit down to discuss what I was looking for and to find out more about Vision and how they could help me to achieve my goals. I figured why not, I wanted to see what Vision could offer me and if it really was any different to the many other gyms and programs that I'd experienced over the past 25 years.

My story goes like this, I was 47 years old, 87.6kg in weight, very unfit, not feeling great about myself personally and outwardly. I was embarrassed about the way l was looking and ashamed of the person that l had let myself become. I also have a congenital heart defect and only 4 years ago it almost saw me on the receiving end of a heart transplant. As a husband and father to two kids I had a lot to live for but things had got the better of me but I knew I needed to make some changes.

The session with Phil delved into my 'why' and what l wanted to get out of making changes to my life, not just to look better, but the true 'why' behind it all and ultimately how I would feel emotionally when l hit milestones along my journey to a better and healthy new me. Something changed that afternoon when l met Phil, l felt motivated and I had booked myself in the next morning. I started by training three mornings a week to get the changes happening which was mixed between weights and cardio. l was so excited by the whole thing that l could not get home fast enough to tell my wife about the program and to show her all of the features available to me such as the Vision Virtual Training App. She was so excited that she also joined the next week.

Now we are 10 months on and l have lost close to 14kgs. I've dropped many centimetres around my waist and hips and my body fat percentage has seriously reduced. I'm happy to say that I now comfortably wear a 32 inch waist as opposed to the 38 inch waist l was occupying back in January and it's so nice to wear a medium shirt without my stomach tightly sitting out in front. At 48 years old l am healthier than ever before and it's especially important due to my heart condition. My week includes my regular weight training sessions with Phil along with Group Boxing and the occasional Running Club and I've confidently participated in running events with the Vision Camberwell crew. I can safely say that Phil, Leigh-Ann and the team at Vision Camberwell have changed my life forever and l will never look back. Besides, what would l do with myself at 6am, 5 mornings a week if l ever stopped going to Vision?… That isn't happening.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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14kg lost - Healthier, fitter and stronger-before14kg lost - Healthier, fitter and stronger-after

Stuart Dyer. Overcoming embarrassment and improving my health whilst living with a congenital heart defect

14kg lost - Healthier, fitter and stronger*

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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