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My purpose in life is to reach my full potential and get the maximum out of life. By showing myself what I can achieve, I will have the ability to inspire and help others do the same. I see Vision Personal Training as a vehicle whereby I can achieve my purpose and live my life to its full potential. This sums up my life so far and drives me on to experience as much as I can fit into this life. At an early age I have always been involved in sport. I played soccer from the age of 8 and early in my 20’s. I competed at a national age level in swimming, achieving 5th in Australia for my age. Throughout my time at school I represented at regional level for some athletic events and cross country. I was even swimming champion every year throughout high school. One of my other passions in life is travelling. After school, I actually took a year off between studying and travelled Western Europe for 6 months. During the university break, I travelling for 3 months around South East Asia, and after finishing university, I travelled South America for almost a full year. I have always believed travelling opens your mind, creates maturity and certainly makes you appreciate what you have in Australia. After school, I completed my Bachelor of Human Movement Science (Sport Science), which started my Career as Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training Mosman. There I honed my skills as a personal trainer, a leader and developed my goals for life. Here is where I completed several Half Marathons, Full Marathon and competed in a bodybuilding competition. I also received the opportunity to manage that business for 2 years before stepping out and opening up Vision Personal Training Castle Hill. This experience had challenged me at every corner and pushed me through my limits. And now 4 years in with Vision Castle Hill, I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved with the amazing team I have to work with every day. To date, I have continued to compete in several bodybuilding competitions, many half marathons and fun runs. In the year of 2014 I would have completed 30 events, anything from fun runs, obstacle course races, 3 half marathons, ocean swim and the Sydney to Gong ride. I believe experience only makes you stronger and failure is the formula for success. Vision Personal Training Castle Hill has grown to be one of The Hills districts premier personal training services which guarantee results. We pride ourselves on client results, service and a fantastic community of clients. We have a culture where everyone knows everyone and where clients and trainers help each other achieve their goals. We really feel we have a family. Vision Personal Training Castle Hill also prides itself with such great relationships with the local business community as well as local schools and sporting clubs. We relish the opportunity to sponsor two teams of Castle Hill Cricket Club and continue sponsorship with Relay for Life and Sam Gilbert Great Fete. So what’s next – anything!

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