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Wednesday, 18 May 2016, By Andy Nice

My background is in the financial world where I spent many years in various international banks and money market brokers. I was lucky enough to move to Sydney from London for one of my jobs and loved the place so much I decided to stay. I've always been sporty and enjoy keeping fit and working out. Football is my game of choice and I've played every year since I was 6 years old apart from the times when I snapped my Anterior Cruciate Ligaments of course.

So what brought me to Vision? A number of combining factors occurred which led me here. I was disillusioned with the financial markets and no longer found it rewarding - in fact quite the opposite. I hated going to work most days and that is no way to live a life. Also I had a change in personal circumstances and am now a single parent to my 15 year old son. So I decided to reinvent my life which included reinventing my career. I really wanted to enjoy going to work again and I wanted to come home at the end of the day feeling I had achieved something worthwhile.

  So the fitness industry was the obvious choice. What a great, invigorating and uplifting environment to spend the day in! I then had to decide what kind of establishment suited me. There's countless different gyms and boot camps etc out there but to me Vision stood out. Vision has a plan to help people achieve their goals and that appealed to me immensely - clients don't just turn up - train - say goodbye and that's it. At Vision we concentrate on what we call the 4E's - Emotion, Education , Eating and Exercise - These 4 things combined are what brings about amazing results. And during my time at Vision my clients have done amazing things. Clients have lost 5kg - 10kg - 25kg and even a massive 70kg. Some are now regularly running in 10km fun runs having not been able to run at all, one is about to attempt his first ever half marathon. I have clients who no longer need medication for type 2 diabetes and some who are looking better than they did 10 years ago and loving it! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look on a clients face when they reach their goals - We are literally changing peoples lives and it feels great!!!!

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*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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