Eating Out*

Friday, 19 June 2015, By Adelle Watson

Eating out doesn't have to be barrier. The downside of eating-out is that you are not always able to control what goes into the meal or how the dish is prepared and cooked. However, there are a few tips and choices you can make in order to not sabotage your daily macros.

When eating out at a restaurants most will have dishes options that contain a lean red-meat, fish, chicken breast or a salad.  Some tips to making better choices are:

  • If ordering a steak, choose a low marble score (the visible fat known as marbling throughout) the cut is rated by taste, the higher the score, the more fat throughout the cut.
  • Ask for fish to be grilled, and choose a green salad or steamed vegetable (get them to hold any dressing) side dish.
  • With regard to the salad options, many establishments will serve the dressing on the side or even an alternative dressing - you just have to ask.  Try to avoid cream sauces which are loaded with carbs and fats.  By getting the sauce on the side it makes it easier to control the amount used, or even go naked!
  • Order an entre size or share with someone else if the servicing sizes are large
  • Avoid the bread roll

The type of cuisine you choose will also determine who easy it is to stay on course.  Be wary of how the majority of their dishes will be cooked or any unhealthy common ingredients. For example, an Italian menu is typically rich in carbs, with an array of pastas and pizzas. While Indian cuisine is generally rich in cream, and many dishes are also cooked with an Indian butter called Ghee, which holds a high saturated fat content. On the healthier side, Japanese cuisine has some better options. Usually a wide range of sashimi and grilled meat dishes just be wary of excess teriyaki sauce! Thai stir frys are also another good choice just be careful about the choice of sauce.

Involving your circle of influence on your health goals can also aid you in avoiding potentially hazardous eating out situations. As a result, the choice of restaurant may be altered to cater for your requirements or better still, your friends may offer to cook and therefore may be able to cater to your needs even further.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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