Control vs Uncontrollable*

Wednesday, 29 July 2020, By Robbie Mattei

In an uncertain period where it is all about "I cannot do", let's see what we need to control and what "we can do" to make our life better.


In testing times, such as the current Covid-19 Pandemic there can be, what seems like, an unprecedented level of challenges. We don't have the same financial, mental and physical stability anymore - things that (more or less) we used to take for granted. Until now.


We used to complain about going to the gym, going to school, going to work, being overwhelmed by it and not being able to stay at home and relax.

Then we were stuck at home, not able to go anywhere, not even to work and everything is reversed to the point where we complained of not being allowed to enter the gym.

How funny!




After listing all the things we CANNOT DO, and whine about it for 1 or 2 days, let's instead look at what CAN we DO?

Set goals.

Put down a list of things that are possible to achieve, like fixing the garage that we have left messy in the last 2-3 years. Or, start reading the book we bought 5 years ago and never opened. Or, do 10 minutes of meditation with relaxing music as the soundtrack in order to clear our mind a bit.

In a few words: organise the disorganised.




"Success is the repetition of the basics"


What gives us the 70% of our results? NUTRITION!

First of all, we need to control our food and alcohol consumption. The control of our body weight and body fat percentage can be heavily influenced by the following components:


  • The amount of calories we burn per day (1) vs the amount of calories we intake per day (2). If 1 is greater or equal than 2, then we are on track. If 1 in less than 2, we have an issue;
  • Protein intake. If we have a strong percentage of protein in every meal, we are likely to have less cravings and more satisfaction for a longer period;
  • Water intake. 2L+ every day will fill us up and help us with the fluids filtering in our kidneys which will stay clean and active ensuring the expulsion of toxins from our body;
  • Limited alcohol intake. If we use MyVision app, even just to track our alcoholic drinks, we can see the navy-blue line taking space in our daily percentage. And let's not forget that alcohol has almost double of the calories per g than any other food taking priority in our liver because it is toxic.


The 30% of our results is the activity level.


  • Are we walking equivalent (or more than) 10,000 steps per day?
  • Are we taking breaks, standing up and moving whilst working from home?
  • Are we still completing at least 2 resistance training sessions per week?
  • Are we still committing to the whole amount of light-medium cardio per week as agreed in our Goal Session? And, do we make it over 40 minutes in order to optimise our fat burning?
  • Are we still committing to the hard cardio per week by, for example participating in Online Group Training Sessions or getting outdoor and doing what we have learnt from our trainer?
  • Are we waiting up to an hour after our cardio session before we have our next meal so we can maximise our fat burning?


If the answers are all YES, then we should be able to keep our weight in control or even lower it.




"The most important conversations that you will ever have are the ones you have with yourself everyday"


When we wake up in the morning, the way we feel about our body and about ourselves in general, is also the mirror of how we are conducting our life.

If we wake up and we feel bloated, we might need to ask ourselves what the cause could be.

Are we finding answers such as; I did not have enough fibrous food; I had highly inflammatory food; I had too many wines last night; I haven't trained for 4 days.


Do these kinds of conversations sound familiar?

"oh my word, I thought I had the session 2 days ago and instead it's already 4, how did I miss that?".


"I didn't track my meals but I thought I had good food, why do I feel bloated then? I always eat the same. Ah no, wait, I had 3 cups of ice cream 3 days ago when I had that Zoom catch up. I couldn't even remember."


If we can control what is controllable, can we have any regret?

If we are:


  • Planning and Tracking our food religiously (we have MyVision, why not make use of it?);
  • Training properly (PT sessions + Group Sessions + Parks everywhere);
  • Limiting our alcohol (the activity level is abnormally lower than the norm);


What else do we need to control?


Look at yourself in the mirror, have that honest conversation with yourself, stop whining about the uncontrollable, find and focus ONLY in what is controllable and control it.


The rest is all excuses.


Robbie Mattei

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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