Andrea Graham

I've lost almost 10kg and reduced my body fat by 9%*



For years, I have been going to the gym now and again but with no routine, I would go for a week or so and get bored or annoyed as I didn't really know what I was doing so obviously not seeing any results. When my friend Lou started at Vision Personal Training as a Trainer, she kept on at me to join up and train with her and she would make sure I saw results, so I went for a consultation and decided I would give it a go. It is now part of my weekly routine and I've never looked back!


I went into this thinking I just wanted to tone up I didn't have 'much' to lose but I have almost 10kgs, which is amazing! I feel more confident, happier, healthier and a lot fitter. It has completely changed my eating habits. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy the odd treat but I know what I need to do to earn this treat to ensure I keep achieving my goals.


Lou and the Team at Vision Personal Training Double Bay have made my journey awesome, I really feel part of the Vision Family! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming in the studio, both clients and couldn't be further from the intimidating environment of other places I've trained. My one piece of advice to those considering making a change is to do it now, you won't look back!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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