How to stay Dry this July...without losing your friends!*

Thursday, 6 July 2017, By Louise Barter


Firstly, well done! You're almost a week in and you're doing really well already. BUT…there's that birthday party you RSVP'd to, there's the rugby this weekend, there's a works function on next week. Whatever is it, we've all got a 'reason' to drink. Other than locking yourself up in a padded cell until Aug 1st, here's a few handy ways to stay Dry this July…


In the Pub

This can be a tricky one to navigate, as the sole reason of going to a pub is usually to drink…well alcohol! You can't spend the whole night on sugary soft drinks as they're just as bad for you as alcohol, the diet versions being equally bad! One Diet Coke is fine, then switch it up to soda and fresh lime or lemon lime and bitters. If you want to get really fancy, plenty of bars offer mocktails…no one will know the difference!


The Work Function

Now this is an easy one. No one wants to get drunk in front of colleagues and make a fool of themselves and even better, no one expects you to so there shouldn't be any peer pressure to drink. Switch up your usual glass of wine for a sparkling mineral water. This will help you keep a clear head for all things work related.


The Wedding

Ok, this is a slightly trickier one, I'll give you that. Other than finding the most sober person in the room to hang out with or volunteer to mind all the kids, a good strategy is to get someone to sponsor you just for that day ie ask someone who doubts you to put their money where their mouth is. Ask them to donate $100 if they are so sure you'll cave and say you'll double it if you do. If you are doing this for charity, what better way to boost your donations. If not, then I'm sure the happy couple would appreciate a cash gift.


The Restaurant

There's nothing better than a full bodied red with your steak, or a fresh crispy white with seafood. But wait, you've gone out for dinner, let that be your indulgence! Not that that's permission to go wild with bad foods, but enjoy your meal without knocking back a glass or two in the process. Sparkling water with a citrus twist or even a green tea will cleanse your pallet to allow your taste buds to go wild when your next course arrives.


The Birthday

Again, similar to the wedding, except there tends to be less kids and less sober people to hang out with. What do you do?! If the birthday is just a meal out, see above. If it involves drinking and dancing after, that's where you can get into trouble. Time to reassess why you are doing this and keep strong. You can still have a fun night out dancing…and think of all that extra energy you're burning off in the process.



Most of all, be proud with what you are trying to achieve. Sure, there will be a few people within your social circle who wouldn't DREAM of doing such a thing. But seriously, not drinking for 31 days isn't the end of the world. Not to mention the health benefits, you'll come out the end of it feeling great, being more productive and with an enormous sense of accomplishment that you did it!


Whilst peer pressure can be a bit overwhelming, you're not 15 anymore, you don't have to bow down to peer pressure to fit in. If you're friends are still hounding you to drink, sit them aside and ask them to respect your decision and support you with this goal.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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