Fresh versus Frozen*

Wednesday, 2 August 2017, By Louise Barter

It's fair to say there is some debate about the difference between fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, nutritionally.

In most cases people will go for the fresh fruit and vegetable isle before giving it a second thought. While fresh is obviously extremely good for you it's not to say that by choosing the sometimes more economically viable and convenient frozen option means you have to lose out nutritionally.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are fully ripened before they are picked/ harvested and therefore have reached nutritional peak. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Another added advantage of frozen fruits and veg is that even when they are not in season they are readily available! So, if you are low on time, need something convenient and that cooks quickly, frozen is a great alternative to fresh without having to compromise on nutritional value.

When it comes to cooking, and preserving nutritional value the way you cook them is far more important than the state you buy them!

Boiling veg in too much water can cause them to lose vitamins and minerals (not to mention taste!). To preserve most nutritional content- we recommend steaming veg to minimise loss of water soluble vitamins!

So, to compare fresh fruit and veg is normally picked before it is fully ripened in order to ensure it is still fresh when it reaches the supermarket. Subsequently, this means that the fruit and veg may not have reached 100% nutritional peak before being picked/harvested. In addition, these shipments can sometimes spend days in storage and or on shelves before they are bought and consumed, which can cause further loss of vitamins.

However, the nutrition and taste explosion we get from fresh fruit and veg when ripe and in season is second to none! Always try buying in season where possible and keeping backups in the freezer for those times when you are pressed for time.

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